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Can I Smoke Through My Nose?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Androo, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. what would happen if i smoked through my nose instead of my mouth? i mean it still goes in my lungs just wondering, peace my children....
  2. Yea it works good after you have surgery in your mouth. Use your nose to prevent infections. Remember to breathe out your nose too in those cases.

    Also if you smoke blunts you can take nose shotties. they f you up pretty nicely.
  3. there would be no difference. It has to get to your lungs to get you high so either way you're fine.
  4. my friend done that the other day, still got high.
  5. coool but it like feels wierd i can smell it and it smells bad, i like gum
  6. yea, shotguns through the nose really fuck u up.
  7. Yes you can, but why would ya want to?
    I wouldnt like passing that joint between 3

  8. hahahaha man i really wanna see a pic of someone doing that, SOMEONE FIND A PIC OF SOMEONE DOING THAT AN I WILL GIVE THEM A DOLLAR

  9. What a downer. To answer the question: yes you can smoke through your nose. I find it tastes a little hotter, but it works!
  10. It is possible but i would rather take huge bong hits through my mouth than a joint or blunt through my nose. But thats just me.
  11. yeah i love doing that after im pretty high. put the joint up to one side of your nose and hold the other, then suck it in real hard. I swear that shit hits my brain like a ton of bricks. It feels good though and it brings my high up way faster.
  12. fuck that,wasted joint,like said dont pass
    Shit has a burning sensation i dont like

  13. haha, ditto...
  14. If it do it through your nose it goes through straight into your brain it fucks u up hard good to get blitzed on.

  15. If you are smoking good bud it should smell great. I definitely wouldn't suck schwag smoke up my nose!
  16. i sometimes do that... i dont really like it tho, i like to taste it
  17. i tried a nose shotty and it burned like a bitch so i say just pack teh bong up instead

  18. Yeah, if it's even possible to inhale through your nose and mouth at the same time.
  19. ive never tried it... it would be harder i think to smoke that way since ur lips wrapp around the bong or J or pipe to get all the air ok that didnt make sense but i will try it one time... why dont u just smoke from ur mouth?
  20. becase you dont wanna smoke the same ole boring way

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