Can i smoke sprayed plants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by angolabluntman, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Alright so this is my first year growing and i havent had very good luck with my plants they look great but they keep getting killed. yesterday i went to water them and discovered that the co-op sprayed the field and everything is dieing so i pulled the plants and have them hanging right now can i smoke the bud or will it hurt me?
  2. i wouldent smoke it but thats me. do you know what kind of spray it was?
  3. yeh as c-cup says would'nt touch it, especially if its killing everything.
  4. Im not totally sure. its on my grandpa's field and i talked to him about it kinda round about because he cant find out and he said it was probably round up that they spray and its only about half strength and its not supposed to kill everything just about half of everything
  5. i still wouldent smoke it. but i guess you could make some firecrackers. im not sure if that would still be harmfull?
  6. Thats what im thinking too i was talking to this guy last night about it and he said if its the same chemicals he was messing with he said not to touch it but im totally going to try it ive spent so much time working on these plants to just let them go plus ive got some friends that said they dont care either so were gonna try it together. he said i would know right away if it was going to do anything so im just kinda waiting on them to dry but i dont know how long to have them hang either.
  7. What are firecrackers? i dunno i think were still gonna smoke it. it looks and smells amazing covered in crystals and no seeds i cant just say no i guess if there are no more posts from me dont do it ill take a hit for posterity
  8. use the search button.
  9. so we finally finished that stuff it didnt taste that good but it did the trick and were all fine it was pretty good actually
  10. hope you don't die. lol
  11. Either toss it or water cure it then do an extraction for oil.
  12. Don't be a jackass. Selling something that might be hazardous like that is about as low as you can go in the stoner world. If you were serious and not kidding then get a fucking clue.
  13. You edited to add that after I responded. Like I said "If you were serious..."
  14. If lying makes you feel better that's fine. I edited nothing. I quoted and responded. Just chill and smoke one.
  15. Except it DIDN'T happen. I don't know you and have no reason to want to make you look bad. Give it a rest. I did NOT EDIT YOUR QUOTE and had no reason to do so.

    You were kidding, fine. It was a stupid joke to make because some kids around here might just take it seriously. Move on with your life now and stop causing trouble over something YOU did.
  16. All the PM said was if you are being honest about not changing it then I don't know WHAT happened. All I did was hit quote and reply. I don't go around trying to make people look like jerks...look at my posts and see. I am generally a helpful person.

    I don't know what happened but let's just bury the hatchet. The reason I sent a PM is I didn't want a flame war to continue in public where it just serves to annoy people.

    Go ahead and look...that's about what I said in the message. Peace.
  17. Sorry, had a bit of a silly argument when I was drunk, can´t follow it now, apologies to oldskool and to all. Deleted all the garbage I wrote.
  18. It happens to be best of us my friend. It's all good.

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