Can I smoke? Probation question

Discussion in 'General' started by the five satins, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I live in Florida, and have been charged with possession of alcohol by a minor. It is my second possession charge (the first being a pot charge that I had expunged last year after a short diversion program), and the state has offered me 6 months probation with random drug testing and $268 in court costs to withhold adjudication. Like most college kids, I am broke and in debt, and cannot afford probation costs. I have several weeks before I return to court to accept or decline the offer, and have not smoked in months, so my system is clean as a whistle. If I decline the offer and plead guilty, will I simply have the conviction on my record and court costs to pay or is that just naive wishful thinking? Any input would be much appreciated as soon as possible because if I don't have probation on the horizon, I would love to blaze a fat bowl right now, because it's been far too long.
  2. you're most likely going to get probation :/

    my friend pleaded guilty to a similar charge and he previously had a clean record and endd up with i think six months probation.
  3. most likely probation..... BUT for my 2nd mip, (both alcohol though... could make a huge difference...) All i had was like a $250 fine. And done. It was kind of nice lol

    Should you smoke?

    Depends what several weeks means.... 3 weeks or less=should not smoke, if not then jsut stop with like 3 weeks to go to be safe.

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