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can i smoke newspaper paper?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Tma339, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. ....i have nothing to smoke out of would that work?
  2. Newspaper would be one of the worst options. i would choose a magazine paper before that. Use the unwritten on bible pages.
  3. No dude, that's all bad.

    ya gotta use TP.
  4. the ink would come off and the paper would start to dissolve from you trying to lick it...horrible idea....bible paper, apple or other fruit similar would be your best option...if you can't find something that save it for another day when you do
  5. tea bag or 5 gum wrapper (scrape off foil part)
  6. Bible papers is probably the best thing to use. Newspapers have ink on them, so smoking them would be horrid for your lungs.
  7. You shouldn't use anything but joint papers,
    its simple.

    If you can afford pot, you can afford papers.
  8. Can you? Yes, you cam do whatever you want.

    Should you? Fuck no.

  9. I think using bible pages is hilarious :)
  10. If im not the one doing it...
    not meant to be smoked out of,
    not to mention disrespect.(not like i care)
  11. Just go to the store? They are what two bucks max for a pack?
  12. Zig zags are almost 4 bucks for a pack.

    Of course you can go for some cheapies, but go wit zig zag...

  13. it's 3 o clock in the morning i dont have my car ....and i have no lighter or matches... i have a pipe but i cant use because i have no way to light it...
  14. :rolleyes:

    Didn't your first grade teacher tell you to always have a pencil?
    Same shit applies here man! Gotta make sure that stuff is taken care of before its 3 in the morning, Ya dig?

    Corner stores never close around here..
  15. Just go to sleep.

  16. well i tried i got home at like 10:30 packed a bowl waited till 11ish went into my garage i got like 2 hits off it and it wouldnt start back up ...:/
  17. I don't understand, how did you get home and not have your car?
    Hit up the store man lol

    Have you tried a hot knife?

    Bend the tip of a butter knife,
    heat it up on the stove till the tip is red hot,
    and use it to ignite the bowl.

  18. yeah theres no point now...
  19. try bible papers, or make a bong out of a water bottle

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