can i smoke before the dentist?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. high all, heres the deal- i have to go to the dentist in 2 and a half hours. its a basic clean up, and i might have to get my wisdom teeth pulled. i dont know yet. anyways, could i toke up now? if i do get my wisdom teeth pulled, this would be the last time i could smoke for like a week. any REAL input is appreciated!! thanks.
  2. sure, why not?
  3. My dentist knows I smoke.. hell.. I smoke at her house.. what can I say. She don't smoke though. I don't know.. I'm going to ask her if it's cool to go there high.. lol.
  4. ya but i mean if im going to have teeth pulled.. thats surgery. ive heard conflicting arguements on each side. thanks guys/girls
  5. l had a tooth pulled last year and a filling ,l smoked before and after .:D
  6. awesome! someone with experience. guess i better toke now, seeing as im leaving in an hour.
  7. When ya have a bong after,lol.Apart from the numb mouth bit ya got to keep the packing on the hole where the tooth was taken out.l forget what they called it ,something to do with air getting into the hole left by the tooth.

  8. Dry socket mate. ;)
  9. You'll be fine, Samus!

    LOL!!!!!! I saw the title ("can i smoke before the dentist?") and immediately thought it was going to be a rotation know, like the dentist gets the first hit. HEH! I'm a stoner! :p
  10. You could smoke before the dentist. He's not going to pull them there. They'll do some x-rays, give them to you, and refer you to an oral surgeon, unless he has one in his office, I don't know.

    You should have pleanty of warning, if not, you can always say you'll schedule it later in the week, and get real fucked up.
  11. I think when they warn you about not smoking after having teeth pulled its the suction action from inhaling which can unclot your wounds. Also, smoking pot wont do the same damage as smoking cigs will...the nicotine and smoke constrict the blood flow to your sockets preventing them form healing quickly..weed doesn't do this

  12. that is exactly what happened.

    thanks everybody! well, it looks like samus will be getting his teeth pulled on wednesday :( im already working on my "these pain killers arent working.. gimme something better" shpeal

  13. LMAO!, id never even thought of it that way.
  14. i wouldnt be able to handle a dentist app. high

    id just toke up afterward because the relief of getting it over with and gettin stoned just makes the mood a whole lot better

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