Can I smoke AND be a cop?

Discussion in 'General' started by turbolaser4528, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. hey guys, I have always had an interest in law enforcement or some type of miltary duty. Being a cop appeals to me because I won't be rotting behind a computer screen all week, everyday is different, and i think i would enjoy it.

    However, I love mary jane and will not give her up for anything or anyone. It is my god given right to smoke, why would we have endocannabinoid receptors in our brains if god didn't want us to use marijuana?

    So my question is; can i become a cop and still enjoy a blunt here and there?(more like every night:smoke:) and are there any cops who got hired even though their employers knew that they smoked?

    I have read that most Police departments disqualify you if you've used any ILLEGAL drug within the past 2 years, is this true? (but I could be an alcoholic and get hired:rolleyes:)

    Last note: By the way, I would never bust marijuana or small time drug offenders, maybe ask for a toke lol Also, I know most people hate cops, but i feel i could help to heal the tarnished reputation of the police. I'm 19 and in college btw. Thanks!:wave:
  2. Yes you could. Just quit smoking for the half-to-full year it takes to get trained and get on the force. Most employees of moderate sized cities are randomly tested for drugs (especially police force!). Chances are you'll be notified a week or more in advance so it's not really that random.
  3. my friends pursuing a career in the fbi/cia and shes had to quit drugs for the entire duration of schooling. if you join any of the fbi or cia programs you have to admit under a lie detector test that you have not done drugs for 5 years prior.

    im sure you can be a cop and smoke pot, just dont steal and eat tainted brownie evidence, then call the paramedics. that would be bad
  4. Kelso did it, but in real life I'm pretty sure they drugtest.
  5. lol thanks for the quick replies brethren. Would I also have to quit for the 2 years prior to joining the police force? The polygraph, however inaccurate, worries me if I'm asked that question.

    Also, If i've been smoking for a few years would all of the thc be out of my system in a week? What are the chances of me getting drug tested if i actually make it onto the force?
  6. Im buddys with a cop, Used to date his daughter and we've always been cool. I mean shit i have weed smokin pics and drinking on my personal myspace and hes one of my buddies. I wear my hat cocked to the right and he jus makes polish jokes about it n shit. He knows whats up, But hes cool.

    And he told me he used to smoke back in the day whatnot, He said they test once you become a cop and not really again. He told me they do if you shoot somebody or what not but thats it.

    Ive always thought itd be a cool job, But i jus couldnt do it. I dont talk to law enforcement in any shape or form or will not be involved in any shape or form.

    If somebodys doing something illegal, I mean shit if somebodys shooting somebody im not running to the cops. Itd be appreciated if somebody else does while i leave the area so whoever gets medical attention, But i jus cant do it. I jus do not feel right about it whatsoever.

    Shit my own ma's has wanted to call the cops on some shit jus recently and id be driving and she said something and i told her straight up if you start dialing im pulling over and leaving you can do whatever.

    I will not be involved.

    Thats why i dont want to be a cop.

    Long story deal with it.
  7. so did your friend lie on the polygraph and pass it? lol at the brownie guy, poor bastard ahah
  8. You could really fuck yourself over and end up in jail if you smoke and are a cop. If, god forbid, you were involved in an officer involved shooting and shot a suspect you will have a vile of blood drawn for testing. This is to confirm that you were not under the influence of anything when you shot, and possibly killed someone. If you had smoked a blunt the night before and tested positive, depending on the situation of the shooting, you might go to jail.
  9. I disagree, Exspecially since your from the Chi i have a story from there.

    I know some cats out in the Chi, Well known dudes around there and round River Grove area.

    Well, Dudes told me story before about partying with the cops and tons of off duty cops in a backyard partying with only invited well known peeps but all gettin drunk and smokin and shit.

    MANY MANY MANY MANY cops party and do things we all do, Many have drugs habits themseleves.

    You can get out of testing dirty being a cop jus saying you were in the presence of weed smoke when pulling someone over or burning the weed or anything.

    I know someone VERY close to me who worked in a PD and they'd burn the weed and all the cops would come back all glazed eye sand laughin and shit, No shit.
  10. cops are known for being "drunks" and "wife beaters", dont see why a pothead couldnt fit in the mix
  11. shes still in college, shes been clean for over 2 years now, its pretty cool. i try and get her to smoke every time i see her, and she told me shed sooner smoke with me and break her clean period than anyone else.

    imo this wont matter in a few years as pot will be legal anyway :)
  12. I heard that they do random drug tests, so if that's true then you'll most likely get caught for it.
  13. lol retro I hope your right, if marijuana were legal it'd be heaven on earth. Also, I wouldn't have to worry about this bullsh*t anymore:hello:

    I know cops are regular people, well some are, but I guess I just want to know if I can get hired with them knowing I smoke or if i should just lie and trick the polygraph.
  14. Not only that but they test your hair as well if you want to get into either of those programs, one of my friends wants to get into the CIA.

    But I have a friend who just became a cop, she just needs to finish up a few things, but they do drug test, but you'll know in advance, best idea is to quit though.
  15. You can drink and be a cop. Dayum why do you think the sterotypical cop is a

    beergut moustache
  16. My neighbor is an alchoholic and hes a cop. I dont see how he gets to keep his job.

  17. my dad told me that way back in the day when he was a state trooper he smoked all the time. He said that most of the troopers either smoked or did coke on a regular basis. so i think you'd be fine
  18. that's wild, that'll probably be me in 5 years:confused_2:
  19. yeah, the one time I dealt with police the officer told me that he smoked.

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