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  1. Gorilla glue, I will be leaving it outside from now on. It's shitty and I don't want to waste electricity on it at this point I will just water and some Bio thrive. My question if I decided to trash it can I save the bud? Will it be ok to smoke. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Let it finish. Wont give you much but itll be smokeable. Goodluck.
  3. How will I know when it's done???

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  4. You should be good, enough life still kicking. I wouldn't expect more then a few grams, but what you have left looks healthy enough to make it to harvest. Goodluck
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  5. You'll have to go by trichomes
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  6. What do you mean - size, the look of them?

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  7. Get a jewlers loupe 30x to 60x magnification to look at the trichs. Mostly cloudy with some amber is the perfect time
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  8. Thanks

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  9. I'd leave her in a warm spot

    water regular

    she will continue falling to seed then harvest

    but the question has to be asked

    why you let her get in a shit state as this..?

    whats to prevent this time waste happening again..?

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  11. Overwatering. Shitty soil.

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  12. Some of the above folks said to get a jewelers loupe. Ok so I do not have one and pretty sure I cannot get one at the moment. Is there any other way to tell if the buds have stopped growing and ready to cut? This is what it looks like today. Oh and I will be getting some seeds in the next couple of weeks and will def go with a different soil. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. A loup'e can be got at any Radio Shack for $5.00

    or wait 3 weeks after the last pistol had browned out

    as a general method of maturity

    best soil...imo

    is Fox Farm Ocean Forest with an extra 25% perlite added

    good lick
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  14. Fox Farm is Def what I will be using. Thanks for your help, and the tip on Radio Shack 5.00 loupe. I was thinking it would be much more. And WTF does IMO mean ??? lol.
  15. imo: IN My Opinon
  16. LMAO, ok gotcha. Have a good day and thanks again.
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  17. What Titans said. Some have exact preferences regarding the percentage of amber colored trichomes. The preference being whether it's more of a head high or body high. But this is a good way to decide when to harvest as most have said here.

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  18. Can you explain a little more? I am def looking for more of a body high. Thanks for your time.

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  19. Certainly but I warn you, there is debate on this issue. Some feel that the trichomes should never reach a heavily Amber color. That they should only reach a cloudy/White color. They start out clear then go cloudy and on through stages until they become Amber in color. Those who believe that Amber is a good thing, like to go by about 50-60% Amber trichomes for the body high and others will harvest earlier at cloudy trichomes for a more light euphoric feel.

    The flipside of that coin is that once the trichomes reach 100% cloudy that that is the most potent stage and should be harvested then. None of us can say what side if that coin you should be on and I haven't had the opportunity to taste bud in one and then the other condition to say I have a preference. You could though. Talk to a few people who have harvested in stages and see where you fall in the category. Titans may be able to give you some more outlook on the subject. I can find some pics of trichome comparisons but that will be a little bit later. Definitely go get the Jeweler's loupe so you can start checking the trichomes and just get used to looking and comparing stages. You'll definitely see when they begin to cloud up. It's beautiful IMO.

    (My daughter's name is Amber and my maiden is White so my keyboard likes to capitalize them, lol)
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