Can I save my plant?

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  1. Hello Grasscity community, Im new here and I have a big problem.
    My plants leaves fell down and I dont know why, I have red in the internet that it can be underwatering or overwatering, so underwatering cant be the case cause I water everyday a little bit but when I think so it can be that I have overwatered it too much. Now Im very sad and afraid that my plant will die. So maybe can some of you help me I want to save my plant :([​IMG]
  2. Poor draining soil. Change immediately to peat moss or coco or real soil. Make sure to add perlite (1/3 or more).
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  3. Hey thanks for the tip can I use the soil in picture below and perlite or do I need peat moss or coco
  4. Soil is poop pot up to a 15 liter pot with quality soil and 25% sand or perlite

    lift think before watering

    go by weight

    good luck
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  5. Okay thanks for the tip :D
  6. Oh man ouch ya. Thats over watering no doubt. Id stick with coco and perlite then cheap hydro nutes with calmag and boom there you go.

    Recently i have been saying this is my worst grow ever. IMG_9251.JPG IMG_9249.JPG
  7. Okay man Im really depressed right now about it, I watched perlit right now in the market and when I would bought it but it will come after 3 days, will my plant survive? And if I use this soil is this okay in the picture below? I dont know that much about soils and in my nearest market there are just some of this [​IMG]
  8. Show me a handful of that soil...
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  9. Here made a photo and video here is video 2018-11-12_z5mx7sfb and below a photo and another photo of coco soil I found would be that coco better then this organic simple soil?[​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I think that soil is fine. Add some perlite to it, but if you need to wait for it, just prepare a small amount of soil that you have (the one you just showed). Make a small pot of it, don't pack it too tight and after transplanting, just water it once and then leave it alone. I don't know if that 'soil' has any fertilizers, so you need to do some homework.
    If its organic, then all you should need to do is add water.
  11. Okey thank you very much for the tip and I have bought the coco potting soil that I showed you in the image will it be good?
  12. Looks fine, but maybe better to get something without food, that way you know what you are putting in it without the danger of overfeeding it; or just buy it and don't use anything.
    I think you should look over this thread; I tried Mick's method and it works good.
    Good luck, let us know how things go.
  13. Okey thanks :)
  14. Ok I thought you had reg soil. You got coco. Good. Others advice is pretty sound but what nutrients do you have?

    You can get away with no perlite or whatever I guess but boy you really have to stretch out your watering times probably. You can get perlite on eBay for pretty cheap I think I got 5 pounds for 20 bucks. Either way I definitely would transplant and put something in the Coco like Hydroton or perlite if you can't, just stretch your watering time out depending on the size of the final bucket home they go into. If you have time read read read don't be disheartened by conflicting information you will always find that some people are full of crap others mean well but don't know what they're talking about and others have so many different variable situations match up so it makes it very difficult to give advice sometimes. Sometimes everybody's right but watch out for bad information and there are people that purposely go out to put that information in people's heads so they screw over there grow and they get a good laugh out of it. In the beginning five years ago it tripped me out but I have spent 16 hours a day reading and growing and still have a lot to learn. Defoliation in flowering is a good one.
  15. Wow that was really smart advice thanks :O

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