Can I save my babies?!

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  1. **UPDATED 26th at 6:30** is the stem supposed to be brown when it sprouts? because ive seen pics where it is brown. mine has been green all week and it only recently turned brown, does that mean its probably getting back into growing from a bad shock???

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  2. I am no soil expert, but it looks to me like your soil is kinda dry. The plant looks healthy, but it is stretched to hell. Make sure you move your light source closer. If it is flouro, it can be 2-3" away. Also, make sure you have some sort of a breeze, it helps to strengthen the stalk.

    BTW, tell us a little bit about your setup. Light source, soil, nutes, etc. It may help us help you more.

    Finally, make sure you have some drainage in the cup you are using. It may be worth it for you to go purchase a small pot to put the plant in. (<$3).

    Good luck with your grow.
  3. I did do everything you mentioned, ill transplant when it grows more, if it grows. you really think it looks healthy? one leaf is completely wilted over.. can I get some more peoples opinions please
  4. Where do you have the light positioned. It looks like its to the left.
  5. actually the light is on the opposite side of where its tilting cuz I wanted it to straighten out
  6. Answer The First Post Please!
  7. No way to tell just based on that, depends on the strain and other conditions. Look, what's done is done, going forward just give it the best conditions you can for the best chances of survival.

    If it's growing to one side and you want it to grow UP, don't put the light to the other side put it above, the plant will straighten up to find the light.

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