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can I salvage my moldy as weed?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ManfyPandy777, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hey! :hide::hide: So I messed u my damn weed! It was in a plastic bag n then I put it in paper bags to dry in my shed n it grew mold on it! Can I make hash? Wtheck should I do?! I can't throw this away​

  2. Throw it away
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  3. If you weed has mold growing on it throw it in the trash and cut your loses :confused_2:
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  4. Place it in a garbage pail
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  5. Give me the seed soup with everything including the mold
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  6. I've used cannabis affected by Botrytis cinerea to make brownies and they came out pretty good. I dried the material very well before making the cannabutter.

    I don't think it had a noticeable affect on the taste, and it was certainly safe. Fungi species that affect plants are generally safe, there's no way that the fungi itself could affect your body (because it's adapted to feed on plants, not act upon the human body). There are some fungi that produce toxic byproducts, so use caution. If you can identify the fungus as Botrytis cinerea, its definitely safe; otherwise, its probably safe.

    If you tried to make hash, youd probably have spores in your end product though.
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  7. "There is no way it can effect your body" bruh if it didnt effect your body when consuming no one would give AF if there weed got moldy:confused_2:
  8. Source: Moldy Weed | Cannabis Culture
  9. Does consuming mold actually sound like a good idea to anyone?
  11. As a general rule I try and not consume anything that I know might have a mold/mildew contamination. For those of us with a normal immune system, depending on how bad the contamination is, it might be fine. Worse case scenario you might have some scratchiness or throat issues. The danger lies with those that have compromised immune systems that consume moldy bud you could have devastating outcomes.

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