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Can I roll a blunt with just a large paper

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IvGotMilk, May 13, 2010.

  1. I've been blazing for some time now but am curious if anyone has ever done this.

    I cannot be bothered going all the way to a headshop to get blunt rap when I might be able to just use my papers. They are large silver Rizlas which are thin and good for spliffs but I'm unsure how the blunt would smoke if you get me.

    P.S Have you done this before?

  2. basically a pure joint??

  3. I don't get it.. wouldnt that be a joint? How would that be a blunt
  4. This is a little confusing because a blunt is when u roll weed into an emptied cigar or a blunt wrap (i think they are bogus). So basically you would be making a joint if you use those papers. If you want to roll a blunt just go to a gas station or where ever and pickup a dutch, game, white owl, cigarello, philly, and of those will do work.

  5. ...if it's rolled with papers, wouldn't it just be a big joint?
  6. You've been blazing for awhile?

  7. Lol, let's be nice now guys...:cool:
  8. haha that was a leet post ;)

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  9. Wait, in the UK we roll tobacco with weed and call it a Joint. You all must be from the states right?

  10. 4 Years
  11. I'll never understand why you guys over there mix tobacco with your bud. Makes no sense to me. If you're asking if you can roll a j without the tobacco the answer is yes and that's how you should have been doing it all along.
  12. Nope, here we call that a spliff...... Around my parts anyways.

    Just straight weed in a paper would be a joint, just like a blunt but rolled with paper instead of an empty cigar or tobacco leaves.

  13. Dunno really, I guess for me since I do not smoke cigarettes the nicotine gives a slight rush. I'm just sick of using the bong and I'm having some peeps over tomorow :) Blunts are much more social !!!
  14. Obviously he has been blazing for a while, lol. Just joking. If you run out of blunt wraps or papers you can always papers. Let's just say that me and god have a "special" bond now....with my lungs any ways.

  15. Wow, well in the uk where I'm from it's always rolled with tobacco and called spliff or joint. Look I'm not at all new to smoking so stop trying to catch me out :smoking:
  16. A blunt is tobacco paper. Not a joint paper. A super big joint is not a blunt.

    If you asking if you can just roll up alot of weed into a huge joint paper with no tobacco then yes. You dont have to use tobacco to roll a joint, it just makes it better.

    Its not a Blunt, if its NOT A BLUNT.

  17. 1. it helps the weed burn slower, easier, and more evenly

    2. tobacco and weed tastes very good as long as long it is some good tobacco

    3. In my opinion it is a perfect balance. Tobacco is a plant of death that has killed too many to count. Weed is a plant of healing and life that is medicine and also makes us feel good. If we put them together we combine opposite extremes to create a harmonious totality. Tobacco causes cancer, Weed prevents cancer. :smoking:
  18. there seems to be an issue in cultural differences here. I'm assuming you're from the UK because u showed a pic of Rizla king sized and said they're good for "spliffs" which i'm guessing you mean just a cone shaped purely marijuana cigarette. In most of America, spliff referes to tobacco and weed rolled together using cigarette papers. To us, a joint is a pure marijuana cigarette, usually rolled with 1 1/4" papers.

    A blunt is completely different, being a marijuana cigar. To make one you would purchase a blunt wrap just split open a cigar, empty the tobacco, and roll marijuana in it.

    In the UK, i understand that a spliff doesnt involve tobacco usually; however, a joint in the US doesn't refer to a mixture of tobacco and weed.

  19. This guy hit nail on the head :eek: I've always wanted to say that :D
  20. ^^ Yeah. Tobacco in joints helps the joint burn better, alot better, and prevents runs. Also, more/bigger hits. And you can use less weed. insted of using a whole gram, use a .5 and some tobacco. Plus, the effects of the tobacco are not that awful. Sure it may cause cancer in 30 years after smoking alot, but a little bit of baccy in a joint isnt harmful. Stop being pussies.

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