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Can I return my bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Sickleg, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Alright, so last night I stopped by my local headshop really late and they were closing up. Since they are such nice guys though, they let me browse a little for a bong. The one guy suggested this transparent green one for 50$ and I liked it so I got it. I was super rushed, so I didn't really check it over too well.

    It's got this molded glass part on the middle of the tube where its just some cool sculpting/design. When I got to my friend's house and we were all excited to hit it, i pulled it out and we smoked a few bowls from it. Then when I was looking at it, I noticed a crack in the glass tube under that sculpture design shit. It's on the inside so you can't feel it, but it is a MAJOR crack.

    I cleaned it real good carefully, and it has no smell. How do you think they'll react to me wanting to bring it back. I would understand if they can't take it back because I used it, but don't you think they should compensate me in some way?

    I wish I could give you pics, but I have no camera.
  2. fuck yea if it was defective u have to return it, just make sure u dont indicate that u fucked with the inside of it or used it and just emphasize u were being rushed to purchase it therefore overlooked it
  3. Sorry man but I'm pretty sure that every single HS I've stepped foot into has the same policy. No returns.

    Only thing you MIGHT get is store credit towards something more expensive. Good luck tho.
  4. Are you sure that the crack was there when they sold it to you?

    If it was they'll probably give you a really good deal on a new one.

    If not then your stuck
  5. All the headshops around me have a no return policy on glass.
  6. oh yea headshops are retarded w/there no return policy

  7. It had to have been. It is in a spot where it could be hard to see unless you really looked at the bong. So, I'm sure the guy didn't know about it. But it is definitely structurally damaging.

    I thought it might be no big deal, and I could just be careful with it, but I checked and it has GROWN like 1/2 an inch. Fucking sucks.
  8. thats why u buy from GC noob, headshops are out to shiest u
  9. You are absolutely correct. All sales FINAL at pretty much ever HS ive ever been to,
  10. meh. Don't really want to comment on this.
  11. its true kobe unless ur at a sickass hs, pls pm me of any u know that sell cheap inline bongs pls
  12. I called, and they foreign sounding lady said she didn't know the return policy and that I could bring it in and show the owner and if its withing like 1-2 days of buying it I can get money back.

    I'm doubtful of that, but I hope to at least get some store credit.
  13. act infuriarted and threaten to ruin their rep or act like they didnt check ur id and refered to the waterpipes as marijuana bongs

    lol hs love that

  14. Or you could just be polite tell them what happened and how everything went down.... No need to give the community a bad name by acting like an ass. Just my .02 might get you a bit further
  15. yea in the even that politeness failed. some hs are real stubborn about the no return policy

  16. Yeah i hear you on that, its cuz they have a huge liability if they get any pieces with resin in them and the fuzz gets wind of it. (Depending on where they are located)


    Most HS do not accept any returns of any kind so if they give you a really good discount or help you at all consider yourself lucky
  17. For every bong or piece that is resting the the graveyard of glass, I WISH it were possible to return them.

    I think that it all depends on how well you know your headshop/owners.

    I bought a glass on glass converter for my regular bongs, and I ended up getting the wrong size for my glass pieces. Since it wasn't used and I know the owner real well an exchange was possible.

    Go for it and see what happens, should let us know what your luck was.
  18. I dont think you can thats like going into a sex shop and asking if you can return a used dildo
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    I brought my bong back and I told them what was up. We talked a little. You know the usual,
    Him: Did you smoke out of it?
    Me: *slightly ashamed* Yeah a few bowls.

    him: *Smells the tube, and looks pleased* Alright, we'll let you keep this with 20 dollars store credit, or you can pick out a new one for the same price and we'll keep this one.

    I took the second option, because even though they said it wouldn't get any worse, I still didn't want my nice bong to break on me and be stuck with a spoon or something that I would have bought for 20$.

    I browsed the shelfs for a while and I was looking for a transparent-ish bong with a long tube. I spotted this LONG clear tubed one with some orange fumed on the bottom and a little on the neck. ORANGE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!!! It was only 59.99$, 10 bucks more than my old bong, so i gave him a 10$ bill and they even threw in a NICE slide!

    Glad I have access to a headshop thats this cool.

    EDIT: I'm also pretty high right now and it hits so smooth!
  20. Excellente'

    Nice shop and you went in with good karma.:hello::cool::smoking:

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