Can I really trust GrassCity?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by GlassClass, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I have a pretty big order I'm about to pay for. It's a total of 21 items. I'm just a little nervous after reading some reviews. And I was a bit skeptical with this all being online you never know who is actually writing the review.
  2. hey man.. you can trust us.. it's all cool
  3. I've ordered here a handful of times over the last... decade or so. :) You should be ok, as far as GC is concerned. Just remember that shipping times over seas can vary, there's also the potential for customs delays somewhere in between. But even on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, GC takes care of their customers. :D
  4. Also, should I pay extra for the shipping? Most of my stuff is small, but I'm getting a 26 inch bong and just want to make sure I get my hands on it.
  5. I have ordered twice and I live all the way in Australia, The recent piece I got actually had a customs sticker on it and still got through. I just ordered a $240 amount of things from them, Should get it in 14 days or so.

    I do not have one worry about GC, My worry is Australian customs lol
  6. also... if you're worried, why not just make a small first purchase to make sure you're happy with the product/service instead of ordering 21 things at once?
  7. this websites fine.

    just buy your bongs.

    if your an american, you should be more worried about your own country fucking you over.

    but then again, people never really know who their real enemy is.
  8. Also there tracking option is 100% legit.
  9. You really don't have much to worry about. Even if something happens GC will usually cover for it.

    I didn't get a tracking number for a package that I paid extra to track, and even though it may not have been GC's fault, they sent me six packs of RAW's for free. :gc_rocks:

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