Can I RE-NUTE a flowering plant after a one week flush ??????

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by coopdevillan, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I have a slow plant in hydro and the other 4 are ready to start flush. Can I flush for a week I know to shhot for 2 weeks. Any how can I flush for a week then crop my 4 plants and RE-NUTE the slow plant until its mature.

    If I can what would be the negatives ??????

  2. Well i dont know a thing about hydro set ups, but i would think that all you are doing is flushing the nutrients out of the plant so it wont taste bad when you smoke it. Your just feeding it normal water, and when you go back to nutes only use what you were using in the first place. And when that one matures you'll flush the nutes out again. I could be wrong but sounds like it would be ok. Nice grow by the way.
  3. Sure you can...the plant may not like it's worth a try. It must be REALLY behind. No way to feed it separately?
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  4. Its on a bucket system and there all on the same 55 gal res. I will flush and try to re nute.
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