Can I put my plants back an hour or will they grow balls?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jamesboo, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. hi, I was wondering if it would stress my plants if I changed their schedule

    Current schedule is 6pm-6am but with a mini 4 day 34 degree heatwave coming I would of liked to of turned them off tonight at 5pm so they get that extra hour of cooler air

    Many thanks, also they are 10 days in to flower, due to them struggling with 2x600 watt in a 1.5m tent would they stress if I took 1 600 out for a few days? Also i have 4 in there.. sorry if this has been asked a million times but these are my first ever and papas proud hahaha

  2. They will be ok in my experience
  3. Ah okay thanks

    Also do u recon I should put bamboo sticks in? Thanks
  4. Definitely
    I do it regularly
    I say reckon too
  5. Go for it. If it grows balls, just changing a schedule by an hour has nothing to do with it

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  6. you'll be ok to take the one ;light for a few days plants still get light from the one 600w light thats still in the tent ,,mac,

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