Can i put my light closer?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by angrejoe32, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hey all, i am afraid to put my light too close to my plant because my last plant died the night i put it closer to it. But i didn't have a fan when i was growing my last one, and i just bought one today. I dont want my plant to become weak when it has to stretch for the light, but i dont want to dry it out and kill it... i am currently keeping the light 9 inches away from the plant, and the bulb is 40watts
  2. the distance to keep your lights is totally dependent upon what type of lights you're using. For instance I keep my Flourescent lights so close to the plants they're almost in contact with the leaves and I've had no leaves drying out.
    so say what type of lights you're using and people can answer you better. :wave:
  3. im using an incandescent bulb

    edit: and how far away does everyone keep their fans? hi or low speed?
  4. Low speed.. incandecent is a waste of time
  5. it hasnt been a week since i put it in the soil, do you think its too late to switch to fluorescents?
  6. An incandecent bulb?! I'm surprised the plants survived a week. Yes switch as soon as possible.
  7. haha thanks, i'll be doing that tomorrow
  8. get at least 100 watts worth of cfl's

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