can i put me baby into flowering??????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by steevo, May 19, 2006.

  1. hey guys n galsthis is my first grow so im a little unsure, shes nearly 11" tall and 5weeks 2 days old. the problem i have is my grow space is a little shit and only mesures up at 32x35x13" (width x height x depth) but coz im using cfl,s some of the height is lost also the plant is starting out grow the depthof me room and some of the leaves have startid to curl against the side. i only wanted a small plant for me first time anyways and so i wonderd if its to early to put it into flowering coz ive heard that they double in size?
    ive chuked a few pics so u get a ruff idea of what it looks like

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  2. oh also ive got it in a 20cm pot with this size b enough
    nice one all and ill be glad to hear what u think
  3. put in into 12/12 light and you'll have yourself a nice tight little bush but you'll probably get a good chunk of bud off of it. 12/12 for like a week or until you see either pistils or sacs coming from the pits of the branches. good luck dude
  4. Thats one sexy plant you got there my friend. if i were you id give it 2-3 more months before you start it on 12/12

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