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Can I put kitchen towels in a 'Sploof' to make it smoke less?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMadStoner, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Why is there a cool smiley next to that question?

  2. how can you even enjoy smoking if doing so can end badly (getting caught)?
  3. Thanks for confirming, I want everyone to know this method. I smoke with my mom above me about 5 feet away and she cant smell sheeeet haha. I used to worry about sploofs and such til I read about how bad they are for your health and immune system. Plus a towel is sooo much easier. it turns into a pillow as well :eek:
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    No. Air cannot come in the bottle if existing air isnt pushed out.

    Now, take a gatorade bottle, cut a dime sized hole in the bottom. Stuff your dryer Sheets into the bottle but stuff em good. There you go, finally a sploof that will work as long as the dryer sheets are still doing their job. And the gatorade bottle has a nice hole to put your mouth into.
  5. That's what I planned on doing :p
  6. Do sploofs even work, me and a friend made one way back like middle school or early high school and my friend blew into it and the smoke came back at his face so we just ditched it but I've never had to use one after that cus my parents didn't really care if I smoked but idk you could try it get a brown towel.
  7. Yes, I use one frequently, in fact it leaves smoke, but no smell, so the smoke dissipates quickly but with no smell. Toke up soldier! Although it is overkill to use one with a GB.
  8. Yeah I couldn't even imagine trying to use one with a gb more work then needed but a gb isn't a good idea if your trying to hide your smoking anyway lol.
  9. Well, personally, I think its better in the house I am in, but at my parents house it would be the opposite, so its all about situation.
  10. Use activated carbon which you can buy online, pet stores, or even walmart. And Use a dual chamber activated carbon and dryer sheet sploof. Invest in an odor remover called Ozium, or even Fabreeze does a good job. And just use the DCACS and a quick ozium spray after each sesh and you'll be solid.
  11. Smoke buddy

    Under age OP.

  12. I never to used the dryer.

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