can i put a led light fogger in a bubbleponic system.

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by EaSy04, May 10, 2011.

  1. help please
  2. Yes but I would recommend deactivating the LED or covering it with black tape or water proof paint. Any light penetration on nutrient rich water will cause mold and root problems. I'm not too wild about aero foggers. I hear they are really unreliable and clog often.

    Edit: If you aren't using top of the line hydroponic nutrients your fogger is probably going to burn out within a week or two. Just a head up if you use cheap or organic nutes.
  3. no im going to use a bubbleponic system i just want to add the fogger as a plus which i heard that very good for the roots.
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  4. It is but once the roots hit the water of a DWC there isn't really much of a point to adding a fogger.
  5. true. it was something about microns and just in case my water level may not be to high i just want the mist to handle for me since i only have one plant and want things to go great lack of light and all please give pointer
  6. First pointer, slow down when you type. Second pointer, LIGHT PROOF LIGHT PROOF LIGHT PROOF!
  7. on what the led lights or the bucket
  8. Both. Do not allow any light to hit your nutrient solution, weather it be through the bucket, from the fogger, or through the grow medium.
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  9. ok. thanks that why i going to cover the resivoir with aluminium tape
  10. After you tape it up, turn the lights off and cover a flashlight with your reservoir. Tape up any light leaks you find.

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