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Can I prevent, or dumb out the "burnout" after smoking bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by MindlessWASTE, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Is there something i can take while smoking weed or something I can do, because I've been smoking for a while, and I get high for about an hour, than burnout and feel lightheaded and shitty. Or is it just if you wanna smoke you gotta burnout.
  2. not something you can prevent really. try smoking a little less in one sitting. thats helps me sometimes. Better weed also helps.

    as long as you don't smoke again coffee/caffine can alleviate the burnout somewhat.

    I assume you mean the cloudiness/tired feeling of not being stoned anymore. I have notice indica strains casue this more, but if you are US you can't really get name brand weed, so that is not gonna help.

    other than smoking less in one sitting(you will be surprised how little you actually need) I find if I wait after the second hit for 3-5min I will already be high, even though normally I'll 5-10hits in a session, I only really need two. BUT, that is only for the good stuff. I get headaches form bad bud, so I don't smoke it.

    coffee/cafinee is not a bad fix. Also, and this is in all seriousness, fresh fruit (orange, pear, peach) and water has helped me in the past as well.

    But in reality, like a hangover, only sure fire way to make it go away is take more of whatever caused it, and then more, and then more. BUT, with pot it is a pleasently vicious cycle.:D
  3. I thought I was the only one who felt this

    Usually I just smoke more until i fall asleep so I dont feel like that when I'm awake
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  4. I know what you mean, your thc receptors will make it feel like your ripped after 2 hits smoked wisely. And thanks bro.
  5. Smoke more...and more...and more...and top it off with more. thats the deal, also you could play a nice mindtrick on yourself.

    Mindtrick: do something that will make you laugh (ie; watch a movie..like Harold and Kumar) listen to some nice music (reggae..usually mostly reggae, you feel more high dont know how to say it)

    what it does is...you get the placebo effect, you think your even higher than you are, and thus making you possibly forget about the "burnout" at a slower rate...you just think your more high, your obviously having a great fkn time, and it all turns out good in the end

    play tricks on your mind..thats it.
  6. You get burnouts on shitty weed. You know what you have to do now.
  7. so true guy^
  8. Don't smoke regs? Yeah...
  9. Get better quality. Personally regs dont bother me at all. And with time you'll get a tolerance. It seems odd you only get high for an hour though o.o.

    Not to mock you in any way but make sure your taking the seeds and stems out. Seeds cause bad headaches when smoked.
  10. youre supposed to stop before you reach that point. or at least wait till you come down a little before you keep going
  11. Buy dank is the next step. and if your throwing in a "soup" bowl so to call it then your making a mistake by putting in all the seeds and stems too....hope your not doing that haha
  12. For me it matters what you are doing at the time. If im just sitting on a couch smoking bowl after bowl, yea i will eventualy just burnout. Also, if you get really high, then go eat alot, burnout will hit you hard. Avoiding mid day sessions is a good idea to. But if im on the go i find it much better. Get high, then do something that you find exciting at the time.

    Back in the day I used o just drink a red bull or 2, that helps sometimes.
  13. there's only one thing you can do: keep smoking.
  14. Best thing to do is to not eat, that is definately the number one cause of burnout. You eat, you get tired and lazy, and sit around doing nothing and feel like shit. Same thing happens if you smoke an hour or 2 after eating, especially eating a lot.

    Try and stay active during your high. Plan an adventure to go on, get high and run around the woods or some shit like that, work on your car or play basketball or something. The more you sit, the lazier you'll become and the groggier you'll be after.

    Also like its been stated before, Sativa strains are less likely to burn you out than indicas. Not exactly the quality of the weed, good weed can be indica and leave you burnt out too.

    Goodluck bro, fighting the grogginess is a constant struggle :smoke:
  15. get a vaporizer
  16. soo true. especially if you go to sleep right afterwards. Because ur body has to digest all of the food. If i plan on going to sleep while im high i take a 5-htp and i wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. They are kind of pricey but worth it.
  17. grab a monster

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