can i premix organic nutrient concentrate ? (general organics)

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  1. hello,

    I bought the whole line of General Organics and i was wondering if i can premix the nutrients together and then when i'm going to use it i just add it to the one gallon of water, here is the chart : General Organics

    as premixing it would be easier for me to take to my garden and then mixing it with water there .
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    Never ever mix all your nutrients together. They come in separate bottles for a reason. I also run the whole line except bio-marine and bio-bud. If you look on there website your suppose to use them within an hour of mixing. Your also not suppose to bubble it like u do teas. Hope that helps

  3. thank you ! :) so do you like the general organics line
    ? how has it been treating you ?
  4. I like them.....hate the damn smell ( bio-marine especially,hence y I don't use it =] ) but the plants love it. Alot better than the Humboldt natural line I have been running and cheaper.

  5. ohh allright nice :) , and do you use the amount suggested on the chart or do you use different amounts ? sorry to bother you
  6. It's not a bother at all. I go by the chart with everything but bio-weed wich I run @5ml/gal. And I only use diamond black maybe once every other week. One of my lemon skunks only gets fed everything at 1/2 strength cuz she's a little on the sensitive side
  7. allright thankyou verry much ! +rep for you

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