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Can i pollinate a female and still get a decent smoke?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Piru, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Hey, I was woundering if i could pollinate a female plant and still smoke the buds after removing seeds? Would the production of seeds make the thc content deminish alot/at all? I am woundering because some of the stuff i used to buy off the street had seeds in it and i still got an ok smoke from it. I am going to be growing Lowrider#2 soon and as you cant clone lowrider strains i would really need to grow some seed whilst hopefully not decreacing my yeild much because it will only be a small grow and i heard you get a high male:female ratio with this strain. BASICALLY WILL POLLINATED BUD GET ME HIGH????

    Thanks all, Liam.
  2. The short answer is yes, but the long answer is it is not recommended.

    The problem is, that your plant will spend too much energy growing the seeds, and this will definately effect your yield. If your goal is to have seeds to continue the strain, it is probably a good idea to do once. Just make sure that you seperate the plant that you want to grow seeds from your other ladies. I would not recommend doing this to your entire crop. You won't like picking all of the seeds out of your weed.
  3. Sorry, missed that last part. Yes, the bud will get you high. Your yield just won't be as good as it would have been had you not pollinated.
  4. Thanks, I'll prob just pollinate one plant or might just not bother, depends on how maky male:females i get.
    Is it possible to pollinate just one branch or am i just making things up in my head?
  5. this is common practice, you are doing fine reinventing the wheel here, lol. keep your males seperated from the females, they're are even ways of saving just a mature branch from a male in the fridge. then paint the female pistoles of the plants you want pollinated with a small paint brush that has been dipped in your supply of pollen, then you can have lots of good sinsemillia and some less potent pollinated bud to keep your supply of seeds up. peace
  6. I heard that THC production goes up when a plant is polinated but that yeild goes down greatly because seeds weigh alot compared to buds.
  7. Or you could take the male away from the females and just take some pollen from his balls and put it on a cotton earbud and pollinate a few buds on one of the females this way you dont pollinate the whole plant and still get some nice non seedy buds!;)

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