Can i please get advice i think somethings wrong

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    Growing under a 600w hps and my soil pH is around 6.8-6.9. Temps are usually 24-27 celcius and humidity around 40-50. I seem to be seeing some problems with my plant although it continues to grow quite healthy looking. My media is 1/2 potting mix, 1/4 peat moss and 1/4 vermiculite/perlite to help drainage. I can't tell if it is nitrogen toxicity or not but have just flushed them anyway. Any advice is appreciated! Attached pics below.

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  2. Hi ... i no u using siol and ph in range but just try loweein it to 6.2. Ive always done ph 5,8 /6.2 even siol for 6plus yrs and always manage to keep deficiecincies and lock outs away . At the 6.8 ish range ya using then nitigen getting through but some other elements cant at that high range. I no it shud not matter in siol but its only throw my past experience i av found it can matter and cause probs etc. Ya plants dont look bad at all but try it so it dosent get worse. Its nateral for first leafs to die off but i no u want tto end any probs before they start.. oh water with ph'd room temp water too love as its either phoforos or patassuim that wont work at cold temps too. Cant remember which one now lol.. anyway gud luck lv . All the best xx
  3. Peat did holds excess water hence nute

    next potup just use soil mix and 30% perlite until then its doom and gloom

    good luck
  4. Thank you both so much for the replies! Ahh damn! I thought the peat was causing drainage problems/nutrient build up. I'm an amateur obviously haha but considering this plants root system shouldn't be to big yet do you think i should repot asap?

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