Can I plant the seeds in August ?

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  1. Hello, I have some seeds of auto ak 47 freshly germinated, it's late to plant them outside on August 15, do I have any chance of success? I am from Romania . Thank you
  2. Plant in pots and bring in at night and supplement them with light so if you're getting 10 hours of light outside bring them in and put them under 8 to 10 hours of light. This will keep them from flowering and let them grow I even fluorescent like say in your laundry room when I first start it so instead of getting 10 inch mr. Miyagi plants that would flower they would get like 2 to 3 feet and then I could set them out in 10 or 11 hours to flower if the temp wasn't too cold

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  3. U need 13.5 hours of light or more to keep from flowering any thing under will flower

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  4. The problem is that in our country this wonderful plant is illegal, a few months ago I grew up in the house and it was ok until I had problems with the police, inside I can not grow.
  5. are being followed by the police step by step
  6. If they are autos you should be okay.
    They just wont get as big as they would if planted in the spring.
  7. Thanks for the answer, I have several seeds, so it compensates.
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  8. Inside it would have been the best, but in our country it is forbidden I do not want to risk, better on the field
  9. its illegal in our country too friend,most folks that have legal states ,think they are legal,let the gov drop the hammer and cut off funds to those states and watch the bust start taking place,and they gave all the information to the state were there easy to find,i did same thing last year,had to get out of house,but from the little time i had i got some pretty good bud for not having the whole season,so put the bean in the ground and get you some,regaurdless you not having the ideal veg period,let them go till they flower,one big single cola is better than none
  10. So you are right, I will put them in the ground and with lots of love and care will be good sprouts. Anyway, I'm going to Canada to my father, and we're cultivating there without being stressed. Thank you for the answers and "smoke weed everyday"

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