Can I plant the base of my plants deeper?

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  1. I ended up accidentally lollipoping some of my plants. Can I plant the base deeper in the next pot or will this be counter productive? What would happen? would the roots grow upwards at a certain point and fill out the pot? I’m growing indoor and I don’t want my plant to have such a long base without any branches. Also dos anyone know if lemon juice will mold over time in nute water? I used it and a couple days latter I had sentiments floating on the top. I think it could be the raw silica? Maybe the Lemmon juice reacted a certain way causing it to float to the top. The container I keep my nute water in is always closed

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  2. I plant my outdoor girls at an angle and down a full node with branches coming out if the dirt. In my experience, the buried nodes eventually root and def helps em get bigger but then have more room for root rot issues. A gamble like any other way. Just try everything u think, someone some has already. Best way of learning. I have not done it with my indoor girls simply because my indoor methods and time work, a method like burying lower is a longer term method in my opinion.

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  3. Yes you can bury the plant deeper, as long as the top growth is above soil you should be ok.
  4. I would not. Why are you using lemon juice?
  5. Plant them deep and risk root rot?!

    plant therm down as the first cotleydon of first of the baby leaves

    avoid lemon juice even to shuffle the Ph is a weak method

    always use fresh nutes

    good luck

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