Can I Plant My Seedling/sproutling (Pics)

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  1. hey guys I need help,
    so  can I plant my sprouting now its about a inch long and if I should plant it right now what part do I put in the soil and what part sticks out?  like should I put the seed in the ground or the white end?  


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  2. It's definitely time to plant! Take a pencil and push it about an inch into the soil. Carefully place your sprout in the soil with the tap root pointing down. have the top about 1/4" under the soil. Keep the soil moist (not saturated) You can place a light above it, but not too close at this stage. It should pop out of the soil in a day or so.
    Good luck!
  3. So I put the white end in the soil pointing down and the seed part facing up but I cover it all with soil. Correct ?
  4. You really need help planting a seed?
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  5. Yes, And you let that taproot get way too long. long taproot=more likely for it to get hurt.
    I plant mine as soon as it's sticking out from the shell of the seed. 
    Go read the stickys.
  6. Thanks man

    Hey btw I was just checking on my sprout ling and then when I was about to put it away I put the paper towel back down and snapped about 2 cm of the taproot. Is it still ok/safe?
  7. Plant now!!
    And yeah that could be bad, that's the kind of stuff that happens when it gets to long in the towel. Only way to know if it was bad enough to kill it is to plant it and just wait to see if it sprouts.
  8. aha alright thanks man

    I will be planting right now .
  9. I stopped using the paper towel method. I put the seeds into a cup of water, wait 24 hours and plant anything that sinks. Seems to work pretty well and I don't have to worry about breaking tap roots.
  10. Like middleforker said, soak the seed for a bit and then just germ in the soil.  Much safer and much more natural, and the germ rates are about the same.
  11. Does it need to be a certain temp, just room temp?

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