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Can I pass a drug test with a cut off threshold of 150 ng/ml in 10 days?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iamnotarobot10, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Daily routine: wake & bake, go to school, go to soccer practice *2-3 hours*, smoke before bed.

    Rundown: I am a professional athlete that smokes twice a day and works out one time during the day. I am a male, age 25, with a very high metabolism *eat 4-5 times a day* and weight 145 pounds. I will be going to a tournament in 10 days that will be conducting drug test. I have been researching and the type of drug test that I will be taking is a pee test with a cutoff of 150 ng/ml *olympic style testing* I am planning on not smoking during those 10 days, and continue my routine of working out. Unfortunately, because I will be at a tournament I will not be able to stop working out previous to my drug test but I will try to dilute my piss. What are my chances of passing this drug test? Any advice will be helpful! Thank you.
  2. the hell you talkin bout YG?
  3. Every drug test has a threshold to detect a positive or negative test. Most are at 15 ng/ml I believe. So he's asking if with a cutoff detection threshold of 150 ng/ml will he pass
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  4. Yes, if you dilute you will pass, no guarantee but I've had a 100% success rate

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