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Can I pass a drug test in 45 days?

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by DomenicaV, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Including today its 15mins till 8am and the day of the test which will be about 9am. I smoked early morning like 2-4am on june 27. I took about 5 hits of dank. prior to that I smoked about 3 hits of im not sure what of, I think maybe 10days before. I havent smoked since the 27th.

    I am 5ft tall, 85lb, size 1 in pants, about 17% fat. Female. I wrestle and run but its off season so I am very lazy haha. Plus the 100degree weather is too hot!!

    Ive been reading about all kinds of tricks to pass a drug test. The test will be a pregnancy test at the OBGYN. Im terrified that I wont pass.

    Things Ive heard that I can do(tell me if theyre true or not)

    *Niacin pills
    *Sweat it out
    *Lots of water and cranberry juice
    *Someone said Visin (not sure how to spell it) eye drops into the urine sample and it will clear it up??
    *To stay away from fatty drinks and foods(foods are impossible to stay away from)

    Im not sure if I can get any Niacin pills. We have all kinds of vitamins so I might have some but not sure. What other vitamins can I take to clean out my system?

    Are there cheap drug test at cvs or walgreens for pot? Like really cheap.
    If I shouldnt be clean by then... Can I say I had poppi seeds or someone else was smoking and I accidently inhaled it?

    Please Im so scared that Ill get caught and any medical degree I want will go down the drain.
  2. 45 days should be plenty of time. If you do some exercise, it will get out of your system even faster.
  3. yeh 45 days seems like enough:) you should be good
  4. dont mind me

    just wondering wtf
  5. lol if it stays in your system longer than 45 days please tell me, it would be some sort of record. you'll be fine.
  6. in my experience, niacin doesn't really work. It takes 30 days max for the majority of people to clean their system. Unless you're really overweight, 30 days will be plenty of time, let alone 45 days.

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