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Can I pass a drug test in 21 days?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sunny side up, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. So I got hurt at my job and they drug tested me on the spot. I haven't smoked in 21 days. Really the only duration I smoked was for a month and I probably consumed an eighth to myself during this month. I am a 138 pound, 5"7 female with an average metabolism. Within the 21 days of not smoking I have run five miles three times a week and had switched to a more physically active position at my job (which is how I hurt myself). Physically active as in moving around 40-50 pound boxes for eight hours in a day five days a week. My diet has been pretty clean, not high in sugars or fats. I guess the most fatty things I've eaten are cheese and milk but otherwise it's been fruits, nuts, vegetables, and chicken. I've been making these fruit and vegetable shakes too with peanut butter and milk for meals. I definitely have lost a few pounds in this time, drank plenty of water, and sweat plenty. What are my chances? I won't know until Wednesday and I'm uber worried!
  2. Now head over to the cultivation section and learn how to grow cause stress is bad and they teach you how to make medicine. Plus nothings hotter than a chick who grows dank..

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  3. Hahaha thanx man. Maybe eventually, I used to grow mushrooms like a decade ago but never weed. This drug test scare has influenced me to get an account here so I could get some input maybe it could be a good push to do so lol
  4. Its a good hobby i had a drug test scare today i got randomed dunno how i passed big black guy looked like a blunt smoker.

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