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Can i never smoke/enjoy weed again?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BenLeve, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. K guys, ill cut the story short
    3 years ago i started smoking weed, was amazing
    one time i got a laced bag (yes it was laced, hospital confirmed) with some synthetic shit that caused my first ever panic attack + a  scary throbbing pain inside me
    after that, i still smoked after taking a break and it was all good
    fast forward 2 years of amazing weed
    but last year, taking huge bong hits would cause panic attacks that would feel faintly similar to the laced bag panic attack, it kept happening now my doctor said ive got panic disorder.

    I took 2 months break then tried another hit and i could just not bring myself to take a fat bowl because no matter how cool i was about it, theres always that "left arm" buzz now thats the start of a panic attack. I usually take little buzz hits but can never get stoned cause of the panic trigger
    so am i fucked? can i never smoke weed again and enjoy it like i did the first time? or the past two years?
    Is this mental panic disorder ruined my weed experience for life?
  2. I smoked the synthetic and all I can say is that even by using it ONCE, it can change your entire bodys chemical structure
  3. Grow a plant, be super organic and freaky about it if you have too.
    Or don't use a bong? What about a joint/vape/edible.
  4. tried it, same :(
  5. I can't smoke weed anymore either for same reason.Did you notice your sober self changed also?The only way you can smoke is a high CBD/low THC strain Omega369 :wave:
  6. switch to concentrates and see if u like the high better? 
    try vaporization? 
    there are many different ways you can enjoy cannabis. 
  7. Here's a small list of high CBD/low THC strains ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391117693.097671.jpg Omega369 :wave:
  8. honestly theres a million reasons this could be happening. but my guess is you might have developed anxiety or something like that. Just dont psych yourself out, or see a doctor if you have to. does this only happen when you smoke? also "left arm buzz" thats probably your heart beating very fast and you can feel it
  9. im going to give you strange advice. if you grow, take some leaves and dry them out and smoke them. they are less potent and get you high for a shorter amount of time than bud. so hopefully you can work your way up from a light leaf high and eventually get used to it and be able to smoke more powerful bud again.
  10. idk man kind of in the same boat, not sure if its from synthetics, unmentionables, or stress... I feel weird as fuck sober and quit 5 months ago and when i smoked i would feel more dissociated and have bad anxiety which was weird since i smoked every day for years
    Either way if I were you and you feel normal when your sober, just give it a break...  no point in pushing yourself untill you have a panic attack that leads to depersonalization or something. Enjoy living sober live with a clear head for a while, then maybe after a mild break you can return to smoking, just clean your system out
  11. when I smoked fakies one time it changed me for a few weeks now they banned the shit around hereSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. Maybe your getting a little to high? Or you associate smoking with this feeling try and listing to some relaxing music anything to take your mind off the potential panic attack. If you think about it you're not going to have an enjoyable high.
  13. try tripping and being high to see if a spiritual journey might help you find closure for your anxiety caused from the synthetics. 
  14. I have also tried synthetic and the k2 was horrible to me its not a HIGH like bud. its a TRIP. I think u just gotta find something to do that interests u and ur comfortable with after u smoke so u dont get panic attacks try video games or something and smoke alone for a while til u build up a tolerance bro.
  15. Its prolly all in ur head from a past bad experience ur afraid to come across again. :p tell it to f off and enjoy the high bro! :smoke:
  16. Honestly man, I see you are experienced with the herb but you may need to take a break and also I believe you need to smoke it knowing what it's doing to you. My friend smoked for his first time thinking he was going to die. You have to understand the high. I am assuming you smoked spice. I would possibly try doing a full body detox.
    I have been clean from cannabis for 4 months and forgot what it's like to be high and I have been smoking since I was 13-14 years old. Appreciate the herb brotha
  17. I'm surprised this is as common as it is. I'm in the same boat as you guys. I can still smoke sativa (high thc low cbd) but my inherent nature is already very sativa driven. Indica makes me feel calm; balanced. Sativa just trips me the f out
  18. I have bad anxiety and I'm smoking sativa and it helps me more than indica. The body high from indica was giving me anxiety.
  19. Used to deal with the same thing. It sounds weird but just let it take you over, trust one scientific fact that the herb isnt going to cause any damage to you. So just get high and let it all flow...
  20. I had smoked for 12 years pretty much constantly the last 6, i took a 60 day tolerance break and would bug out everytime i smoked it was hitting me hard getting paranoid and shit. Dont sweat it man the more you smoke youll get used too it. I used to smoke laced mids back in the day lmao some of the funniest times with my boys but yeah stick to pure dank bro

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