Can I mix these nutrients together?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by soundscience4.0, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hello guys, I have some seedlings going on their 2nd week of life, and I am giving them water with the correct PH. I am starting to get all the nutrients lined up that I am going to be using for this project, but I have a few questions. I will be using Humboldt Nutrients-Oneness Base Nutrient, and Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy for my bloom booster. ( I already have these). I want something that I can spay my plants down with and mix in with my nutrients. I was thinking about Advanced Nutrietns Nirvana, or
    Humboldt Nutrients- Ginormous. Does anybody have any experience with these and would mixing either of these with the nutrients I already have be ok. I would really appreacite any info on this. I dont want to waste any money I dont need to,and I also dont want to make a mixture for disaster and burn off my plants. Lastly, do you guys have any recomendations. PLease let me know PEACE!!!

  2. i dont know about mixing them but you can alternate every other feeding. also dont spray your plants, it will cause mold
  3. Yes I have heard that it creates mold. THANKS!! I use the spray bottle during the vegging cycle and avoid it during the flower stage. Also I shouldnt mix them then is what your saying? Any ones input is more than welcome aswell THANKS
  4. yes i dont think mixing them together and giving them to the plant at 1 time is a good idea. instead give the plant nute 1 for the first feeding then give it nute 2 for the second feeding. alternate back and fourth between the 2 instead of mixing them into 1 potion.
  5. THANKS I will give that a try. Anyone else feel free to add your 2 nugz!!

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