Can I Mix MH and Fluros?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blazin420, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. I have a 400W MH lamp right now. But I'm thinking I want some more light. Can I leave the MH lamp above the plants and set up some Fluros on the sides of the plants so they get light under the fan leaves? Or will they just be a waste of electricity?
  2. buddy heres a tip for u

    - more light = bigger buds -

    i hope i was some help to ya
  3. yes but they give off the same sorts of spectrum.

    but no doubt...lateral lights will improve yield unless u are at max lumes now.

    no doubt that side lighting is very effective.

    but at some pt...u will need alot of HPS or sunlight to support all that growth that u have just created.

    my veg room is about 5 cu ft and my flower room in like 20 sumthin sq ft.

    so if u need more light to veg...just think of the more light u will need for ur flowers?
  4. Yeah, well I don't think I NEED more light right now. Its only a 4 foot x 3 foot garden shed. I just thought it might help a little. But I'm thinking about buying a 1000W HPS system this weekend. That way I can veg a crop or clones with the 400W MH and I can flower another crop at the same time using the 1000W HPS.

    Then I can even start seedlings or clones under the fluros I have. Only have 3 now, but I will buy a few more.

    I'll have an entire extra bedroom in a couple of days hopefully. Including 1 large and 1 small extra closets.:D Plenty of room to grow! I'll probably turn the extra bedroom into the flowering room with 1000W HPS. And I'll use the large closet to veg with the 400W MH, and the small closet for seedlings.

    Who knows, now I might be able to get a nice yield.

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