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can i make tincture with a quarter oz

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by rastafarmer1, Mar 19, 2012.

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    can make tincture with a quarter oz with this type of boozeálinka
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    palinka ts alcohol content is between 37.5% and 86% ABV.
  3. General tips. The higher the alcohol content the better! Grind your cannabis finely. Shake your bottle of alcohol and cannabis once a day. Keep it cool and out of the light. Look for badkittysmiles- she knows her stuff!

  4. I use 151 and 100 proof for my stem drinks..
    Ill take a bottle and bottle up stems.. the higher the proof the better.

    but really you can use any liquor it just wont be as strong
  5. Anything 80 proof or higher generally works... The higher the better but i've made a kick ass tincture with a pint of smirnoff strawberry and a quarter ounce of some mids... At around .3 grams a dose (average), I get 23 doses out of the pint.

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