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Can I make tbc oil from already pressed hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ZooeyLewis, Mar 30, 2012.

    Hey all!

    I had the worst thing happen to me today: The 4 grams of the best shit I've ever smoked and was saving for 4/20 got fucking moldy in the jar. I assume it was from one of those new moisture pucks I bought from my dispensary to keep buds moist.

    Anyway -- I was told by my roommate that I could salvage my buds by making them into hash. He said that if I press it and put it in the oven on 220 for 15-20 minutes, that the mold would be killed. I ended up keeping it in the oven for more than 45 minutes bringing up the tempurate twice. The max temp was 275.

    I got impatient and ran an iron over it for a couple minutes as I saw on a YouTube video. (It was covered in plastic and wet newspaper) I was hesitant but smoked a tiny amount. I don't feel anything harmful happened, but I want to make certain I'm not wasting my buds or endangering my health.

    I heard that the best way to extract thc from moldy buds was to extract it into oil. I have 99% rubbing alcohol and was planning on using that on the already pressed hash. Would this work? Is this necessary? Please help!!
  2. THC Oil*
    Not TBC =P

    also, just to clairfy, my question is if I can make oil frommy already pressed/heated hash?
  3. .... No, you need to make hash oil from moldy buds... Cooking it and pressing it is absolutely the wrong thing to do... Pressing is making powdery kief into a more solid hash puck... Decarbing is for making edibles (cooking bud in the oven at 220). You should definitely not have cooked them, especially at 275! 220 was the recommended temp, why ddi you go higher?

    You need to make hash oil by running the bud through a solvent like bho or iso...definitely don't smoke any more, you can still have mold spores in it... Hopefully you can save some of the potency you didnt absolutely destroy.

  4. I upped the temp cause my oven is a bit wonkey and it was taking soooo long. My roommate upped the temp to 255 before I put it to 275.

    So there is no way to salvage the weed? I can't put it in some rubbing alcohol and wait for it to dissolve to kill the mold? This stuff is theeeee best and my dispensary never has it. What about vaporizing? Would that be safer than loading it in a pipe.
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    take whatever you have with THC in it, put it in a glass jar or plastic bag, fill with iso just enough to cover the top. now your on the clock, give it a shake for 20 seconds, try not to go any shorter or longer.

    rubberband a coffee filter to a plastic water bottle mouthpeice, cut bottle in half, pour the mixture into the bottle so it goes through the coffee filter. you can use the bottom half of the water bottle to collect the liquid.

    get a glass (preferably pyrex) glass dish and pour the strained solution on it, let evaporate for a good day or two. you can speed the process up by putting a fan next to it. you want to evap all the iso. when its completely dry, use a razor blade and scrape up your iso extracted hash.

    pictured below is how your strainer should look incase what i wrote was confusing, shoot me some rep if this helps :smoke:

    Attached Files:

  6. SO helpful! Have you ever tried this with already cooked hash? + rep!

  7. What is already cooked hash?...The stuff you have is bud not hash man, and you shouldn't have cooked it at all. I don't know where you heard to do that, but you shouldn't have at all. And especially not at 275, thats 50 degrees too hot. Just run it through some iso and salvage it. Don't ever put bud in the oven unless you are making edibles, and hopefully you don't cook it at 275 for that! :smoke:
  8. Its basically gonna be like vaped weed now, you pretty well wrecked it
  9. its all good i think she got some bad intel from elsewhere, shit happends, people learn.
  10. You should throw away the bud.

    Dead mold is also hazardous to human health, not to mention the spores in the mold that you would be inhaling. 4g isn't worth it, especially if you're haphazardly figuring out a way out of your problem.

    It's seriously not worth the risk to your health.

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