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Can I make qwiso with just kief?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Whohulkwalk, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. So I'm gonna save my kief and I was thinking about pressing it but then I was like why can't I make qwiso.Will it work?
  2. of course it will work, why wouldnt it.

    i dont know why you would want too tho

    good fine screened keif and the resulting hash from that tastes waayyyyy better than any qwiso iv ever smoked
  3. Press it...or Just smoke it!
  4. keif is hash...
  5. bedorf's got it. keef is hash. can you take hash and turn it into hash? or was it turned already? what i really wanna see is some one take hash and turn it into buds. thats for david blaine smokers only
  6. You can press the keif into hash, search up the instructions on the forum.

    QWISO is low quality hash, no offense to anyone who likes it. You have Kief, you can make actual hash with kief, making QWISO would just be a waste. Pressed keif is the purest, tastiest and most potent hash.
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    No it isn't. That is foolish generalization. Maybe you can give an explanation of how you can to such a silly conclusion. You can make high or low quality hash using any method.

    Once again. You can make pure hash using any method. In general, pressed keif is the least likely to be absolutely pure unless you actually take the time to sift it through multiple screens not just scoop the shit out of the bottom of your grinder.

    I agree but this is completely subjective.


    And to the OP, it is entirely possible and you would get some bomb QWISO but if you plan on doing a keif extraction you should give BHO a try. The yield, consistancy and potency when using just keif would be mind blowing.
  8. iv never thought of doing BHO with straight keif.

    the yeild would be pretty close to 1/1 wouldnt it, since there really is not to much plant matter

    very interesting indeed, i might have to give it a try when havest comes around

  9. In theory it should be very close to 1/1. I can't say for sure though because I have never tried it or seen it done.

    If you do give it a try definitely share the results.
  10. I would need a shit load of kief to make bho but thanks that's a good idea
  11. hashis too much trouble tho just mix it in with some weed in a bowl and smoke that shit..... or press it haha

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