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Can I make pot brownies with the mix from a box?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by WyoHunter420, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. I'm not sure what brand but it just comes with mix in a box and you add eggs and water and stuff but i was wondering if I could throw some weed (idk how much tho) in there and it would work. So what do u think?
  2. I just found the sticky on how to do it by grinding it up but I don't have anything to grind it with and I don't wanna mix it with the oil so can I just get 5 grams and throw it in there straight, mix it up, cook it then eat it?
  3. no..make cannibutter...

    jesus christ.
  4. Woah calm urself.
  5. >wants to make brownies
    >too lazy to do it right
  6. Break the Stoner Steriotype!:smoke:
  7. I'm not lazy I just don't know how.
  8. I thought you found a sticky..?
  9. Yeah but I didn't understand some of it like how to get the thc into the oil, I'll figure it out tho so no prob. Gotta get paid before I can buy some grass anyway.
  10. You figure things out by reading and following directions, you just don't seem to like the options you have.

  11. You don't deserve a hard time about this. You've got to learn somehow and some of these recipes can be hard to understand, especially if you're new to it and don't understand the basic principles.

    If you have any questions, send me a private message. I'll try to explain any questions you might have, no matter how basic it may be. If you want I'll be glad to explain the why and how of making basic edibles in easy terms. If by the end of the conversation you think it's too much work to make an oil or butter or you don't have the capability of making those at this time, I'll tell you how to make decent brownies just using the weed itself. It works, but if we discuss that here, we'll get ridiculed by many of the members. For some reason I practically live on this forum so I'll be able to catch your message pretty quick and get back to you. :wave:
  12. God damn people...

    1.put some butter in a crock pot.
    2.melt that shit. on LOW.
    3.toss in your herbage i do around an oz of herb with like a pound or a pound and a half of butter, just use that ratio.
    4.let it simmer, stirring occasionaly for 5-7 hours PATIENCE IS WORTH IT.
    5.When its black as fuck and at LEAST 5 hours is past, strain it through a wire colander of some sort.

    6.Go get some cheesecloth OR if you don't know what that is or can't find it (usually in the baking section at any grocery store) use brand new wife beater tank tops, cut them down the sides so they're thin white rags essentially, and lump all the nasty ass looking herb in there and squeeze the FUCK out of it until you can't get any more butter out. I suggest letting it cool for a while cause that shit BURNS when its hot...like bad.

    Then put all your buter in a tupperware and put that shiz in the fridge and await its TRUE color to show. Thats the color of it once its solidified FYI. the darkness of your green is the teller of how good your butter is.

    Find a dank ass brownie recipe online, follow it, replacing ant butter/oil for your homemade cannabutter and bing bang boom.
    No matter what the calling for the amount of butter is, add another 1/8 or 1/4 a cup...
    I promise it will be fine.

    boxed mixes are for pussies. Don't do it.
  13. Jesus fuck, what happened to being tolerant? You're all impatient. Go smoke more and come back to this thread. If you have any more questions just post it in the sticky thread mate, you'll get more helpful replies there.
  14. Hey my name is Sam too. But yeah guys sorry if I made you mad, maybe I'll stay off of this forum and stick to smoking. The people there are a little more chill.

  15. I have the same problem here but I keep coming back because there is a wealth of good info on edibles, but the comments here can get down right nasty for no good reason and rudeness is often the flavor of the day. Unfortunately, I haven't found a good edibles forum anywhere else and I love Bad Kitty's recipes. Sorry to see you leave if you do, but like I said earlier, if you have a question, PM me and I'll answer it. Have a good day, Sam.

  16. What happened to the search button? :rolleyes:

    It doesn't get any simpler than this:

    7 grams ground up -use scissors IDC.
    Boiling water
    1 stick butter
    Cheese cloth

    Decarboxylize your bud in tin foil at 220* F for 20 minutes.

    When the water boils throw in the stick of butter. Turn it down to simmer.

    Throw in the decarbed bud for 3-22 hours. I've read multiple recipes but the longer the better.

    Strain, cool, separate the butter from water.

    THEN replace the oil or water or whatever with Cannabutter.

    Gee I should really make a new thread with this recipe. Oh wait, if you just google Cannabutter recipe.......

    This in my opinion didn't warrant a new thread as we all see a lack of knowledge that I feel is from a lack of effort.

    All this is all over GC in the black and white.
  17. wtf... NO.
    Do not mix water and butter ever!
    A. that lowers the fat amount of your soluble which is now cut in like HALF by the water, so you won't extract it good enough.
    AND your temperature can go WAY to high way to easily on the stove, unless it's in a double boiler. You can actually burn the butter and turn it into shit.

    Just use a double boiler or a crock pot.

    I'm a baker AND I promise you, crock pot is THE best way for cannabutter.

    If you want, the de carbing IS a great idea, but be super careful, I've seen people forget their herb and kill it in a matter of minutes.
    Also, do NOT use foil. Use a glass mason jar or something glass thats airtight.

    and 22 hours is WAYYYYYYY overkill. Thats OVER extracting. You get more chlorophyll and shit tasting stuff than THC.
  18. You could look in the stickies of this very same forum.
    Skunky has a brownie recipe and there is another sticky showing how to make cannabutter. :smoke:

  19. Mellow out chief.

    You don't burn butter when it's melted and simmering number one. :eek: News flash - I know

    Number two - you can totally make Cannabutter using the water, you don't lose fat to water. What the hell kind of assumption is that :rolleyes: my method is not incorrect.

    Not everyone has a crock pot or double broiler do a stove will do just fine. The cave men did it all the way through to today.

    And how are you going to say 22 hours is overkill? Have you tried it? The methods say over 22 will make it bitter or gross.

    ALTHOUGH - I will throw you the bone that the longer cooks could be for AVB vaped bud edibles. Which I'm certain of at least 1 recipe that says 22 hours max.
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    For butter, I LOVE this method. It's super easy, doesn't burn, doesn't require mad skills or attention to detail in the slightest. If you don't have cheese cloth, just strain it!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M90mAWrI_58&feature=player_embedded"]Easy butter[/ame]

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