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can i make my own growlight reflector?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by starjones, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. title says it all.
    i dont have much money and realized it would be much cheaper to just buy a bulb and make my own reflector, but i dont know what to use as a reflective surface.

    i was thinking of using visqueen plastic, but i think it might melt.

    according to a video i saw, visqueen plastic is a very good reflective surface to line the walls of your grow room, so i figured it would work well for a growlight reflector.

    are their any better ways to do this?
  2. i just found some dimpled metal sheets and cut it into a rectangle sized to my light and curved it around the round part of a bucket to get a half circle then asphyxiated it above my light.

    The material i used was like this....

  3. I had to look up visqueen plastic. Most here would know that as panda film or black/white poly. Yeah, that probably would melt (if not catch fire) if used as a reflector. Use sheet metal, or you can buy reflectors pretty cheap online.

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