can i make hash from the suger leaves and leaves of my crop

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  1. i dont know if this the right thread for this question sorry if it's not but anyway i was wandering if i can make hash out of the leaves on my plant after harvest and the suger leaves , if anyone doesn't know what there are, there the leaves coming off the bud :)
  2. this is the MOST COMMON way

    but i would suggest doing your homework before getting online after middle school
  3. but i would suggest doing your homework before getting online after middle school[/QUOTE]

    what ?
  4. i looked at that but it didn't realy help i meen it was good but im trying to make hash ya know brown block , the brick lol ! anyone got any methods

  5. search ... nobody here wants to spoon feed you information ... its out there ... a google search is all you need

    ever heard of youtube?
  6. This very forum you posted in has stickies and stickies of different ways...

  7. hahahaha!
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    If all anyone needs is a google search, then why it this site up and running? Why does this site have forums instead of just guides?

    Criticism is unneeded here. Everyone should try to help everyone else for the betterment and advancement of all aspects of cannabis.
  9. That all good and all, but when you get people who don't even bother to look before asking, and it happens all the time...It can become annoying. Like I just said, he didn't try too hard to find it considering it's right here in the same forum.

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