Can I make a suggestion to GC?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by budgirl, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. This forum really needs a chat room, I wanna talk to you guys!
  2. With all the traffic you already get on the forums a chat room would be interesting. Wouldnt know what to chat up about though..
  3. we would probably talk about weed......and i think that is good idea....hey GC....DO IT.................................DO IT!!
  4. Yeah, a couple dozen people join in \"Im so stoned\"..cant we just assume!? :p
  5. Could be alot of fun! Atleast we would all have somthing in common right from the get go.
  6. I know it would be fucking hectic...:D
  7. what am i doing..... im to ripped for this shit!...... i hope this goes to the right place..... i vote for chatroom! i need help with my first attempt for a plant.... i have a sprout! chatroom plz!
  8. Well Im down for a chatroom but until that happens anyone with AIM can message me at roor1418
  9. yeah that would be awsome! it could be easy like some irc chat with a java client.
  10. We can do what another forum I visit does, just start a chat room in AIM, named Grass City. Then anyone can join, and it doesnt have to be hosted on a server or anything.
  11. well I vote nay for chatrooms this board is good just the way it is but it could use a strainguide like overgrow now that would be awesome :D
  12. Yeah, why don\'t we just have a AIM chatroom open all the time called Grass City or something? Seems like enough to me...
  13. Budgirl, your my hero.


  14. Actually, you can\'t start a room using Grasscity\'s name. Do a search on chat rooms here and you\'ll see that the City will never get involved in it nor will anyone be allowed to use the name. There are too many liabilities associated with something like that. Sorry, guys. We\'ve seen the topic brought up over and over throughout many years and we respond the same way every time. It\'s not something we can be involved in.
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