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can i LST in flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dude1, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. my plant is a month since sex. and about 52 days old. the plant is about 22 inches tall.

    heres a pic of it about 2 weeks ago. but right now the plant looks about the same, just more buds and more light bulbs around it.

    SO IS IT POSSIBLE TO STILL LST? because ive looking on the internet and seen great results and hoping thati can still have to the chance to get the results.

  2. probably not.... generally you want to start doing lst when the plants stem is still pliable... your stem looks pretty thick there, probably wont be able to do it.... my plants always grow short, so ive always got like 4-5 colas sprouting from the bottom of the stem...
  3. Your poor plant is just SCREAMING for a larger pot !!!
    One look at it and u can tell.
    Remember, more roots = greater yield.
    You will see a BIG difference if you carefully and
    gently transplant NOW !!!
  4. You can tie a plant down in flower to control height, but I'm not sure you could actually call it LST at that point. When you start the plant off with LST you end up developing many additional budsites as tops and force the plant's vertical growth to go horizontal. It's too late for that. But if you're running out of height you can tie down the plant so that it is at more of an angle. Careful, the main stalk could be getting stiff, and you don't want to snap it, so bend it over as far as it feels it will go and tie it off tight. After a few days, the plant will have adjusted some and you should be able to pull that string tighter, bending it a little more, and so gradually you can lower the angle.

    I also agree you should transplant.

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