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can i live off of hemp seeds

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by eatmoreweed, May 10, 2009.

  1. ive read that they have all the protiens and fats that you need to live on but if i ate pure hemp seeds and greens can i survive on it. because i may give up meat completely and just eat hemp seeds. does anyone know :confused:
  2. most likely yes, but im not sure it has all the necesarry fats that your body NEEDS. plus carbs for energy...

    you could probably live on them, but you wouldnt be in top physical shape
  3. i read that hemp seeds have all the necasary fats that we NEED and the seeds have some carbs but ill prolly fit them into my diet.
  4. i'm pretty sure hemp seeds are what the Buddha ate for a period of time. any of the Buddhists on here please correct me if i'm wrong.
  5. possibly.

    but where the hell are you going to get enough hemp seeds to sustain your hunger, for even one day, if you're eating just them alone?
  6. easy, buy them online or at your local nutrition shop :smoking:
  7. give it a try ..^^ but i bet u when the first munchies get u and u only eated hemp seeds ..:D u will be fucked :D:D
  8. im done smoking weed. and anyways im eating hemp not marijuana theres a difference in thc. hemp dosnt have thc and you dont get the munchies when you eat cannabis. only people with malnutrition (everyone) gets munchies because the cannabis makes you search for the right kind of food to put in your body. so next time you get munchies eat some hemp seeds and you will get satisfied fast. ive tried it and it works. its amazing the power of the cannabis plant.
  9. This is true. Since I started eating 4 tablespoons of hemp seeds a day i dont get the munchies anymore
  10. im going to try and eat only cannabis plants for food because the plant is so balanced with nutrition that its insane and perfect for humans and animals. also if i start eating just hemp i will be almost imortal and wont age as fast. the reason people age so fast and die so young is because of dead meat and frozen veggys and fried things of both. if we ate raw cannabis i think we could easily live to 120+ and be extremely high on life not from the thc because im talking about the hemp plant but from being so healthy its like running you get happy from that because its so healthy. we would all be on a new concious level if we were healthy like that. so ill test it out and let you guys know how it is.
  11. ...sry dude but no way iam gonna eat hemp seed ´s ..they taste shit and the on u can by in a body or health shop or what the shop is called overthere are seeds from Using hemp with has nearly no Thc in it so i dont belive this until u come um with some prove ..:) :D

    And if i get munchies or not is for me everytime i smoke different ..

    but come with a prove and i gonna eat an oz of hemp seed´s just for u ..:D:wave::smoking:
  12. lol nice so heres the proof. or sort of the proof just read it the upper left box is the best one in my eyes but you can read them all if your interested go to..... www.cannabis.uk.net
  13. Sorry I like my body and so on but these RAW-food religion is to heavy for me even if that is all true ... it would take so mutch joy out of my life ... and i love to eat and this takes the fun and the joy away and than i feel like i just put stuff in my mouth to keep the motor running... i just look on youtube and found a video about this dude and he do not look very healthy..

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8tPt9iqUlg]YouTube - Green Hemp Milk[/ame]

  14. i wasn't disputing the fact that they were available for purchase, i was disputing the fact that he'd ever be able to buy enough to actually sustain his hunger. shit's expensive. do you know how much you'd have to eat for it to actually fill you up? it'd probably be an insane amount
  15. if your going to become veg you should do it right, i was veg for a while and if you dont eat the right foods you can get VERY sick.

  16. YES......... The guy does not look too healthy - go into his profile ...

    can you guess his age???

    Now go and see his age .........

    I rest my case - hemp seeds taste nice i eat them but i doubt u can eat a lot of it at once.. it took me a week to get used to it - just too much fats to digest at once -
  17. oh wow. I am a strong believer that hemp is one of the greatest foods in the plant kingdom but I still was not expecting him to almost be 50! I wonder how long he has incorporated hemp into his diet
  18. No human can survive off of eating only one thing.
  19. Damn if that guy is 50 and looks that young imma go get me some hemp seeds.
  20. you will be very sick of hemp seed in a few months

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