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Can I legally go to school completely stoned if I have an MM card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Hamachi12, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Also, can I legally go to school with the smell of pot on me without getting into trouble? Like if I did everything a few mins before I left to go to school (I wouldn't bring any paraphernalia or pot to school cause ik that's illegal).

    I'm planning on getting one for appetite, anxiety and depression as well as insomnia
  2. Sounds like it will just be an excuse for people to go against it. No I would say no. It's only 7-8 hours at school, endure them damn 7-8 hours and smoke afterwards what's the problem. Give the man a finger, he'll want your entire arsenal. Enjoy your fish don't complain about the shrimp.
  3. People did it all the time at my old high school. I can't count the number of times I was called to the principals office and searched. Always reeked of weed, and always high as a kite. Never had anything on me. Never anything they could do. They always watched me though.

    It's up to you though man.
  4. Well, when I was in HS I went to school baked out of my noggin every day that I possibly could.

    I'd bring my ganja and piece and toke on the way to school and leave it hidden in my vehicle.

    They'd always let me and a friend go around during study halls and other free time to collect the recycling, then we'd get to leave school and bring it to the trailer half way across town.

    So of course we'd do it like right before lunch hour just about every day and we'd cruise a little bit and blaze one down real fast and be all baked, wreaking of herb for lunch time.
    On certain days we'd order some food from somewhere ahead of time so we didn't have to eat our shitty ass school lunches.

    For 4 years I did this and not one of us ever got caught, which is kind of surprising actually seeing as our school is absolutely fucking tiny. Good times.

    I did have a couple teachers confront me, somewhat indirectly though. One of them knew for sure, he just didn't care, probably smoked himself now that I think about it.

    Oh and this was in a State with no MMJ laws to speak of. Would have been a Serious Misdemeanor if I'd got caught. Probably worse yet since it was on school grounds.

    Well that's just my experience.

    Like the previous poster said you have to determine for yourself man. Weigh the risks vs the rewards carefully and then make your decision. Don't let a message board, this one least of all, dictate what you should or shouldn't do.
  5. It's not illegal to be high
    It's not illegal to smell like weed
    It's not illegal to have red eyes.

    It's only illegal to possess
  6. Hey, meathead, what do you think you are going to learn at school if you show up blazed? Save your community some money and drop out now. When reality grabs you by the nose and kicks you in the ass, maybe you'll sober up and will stop looking for excuses to abuse the medicine many people truly need.
    You can't be intoxicated at school. If you get a prescription for MMJ, the doctor will thank you for not bringing the heat on him with your recklessness. Your silliness makes it harder for people who really need the medicine to be taken seriously.
    How old are you anyway?
  7. I actually do truly need it. For appetite and weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.
  8. Really though save yourself some trouble and try not to be stoned all through high school. You really can't pay attention if you're baked and word spreads fast. My senior year my physics teacher found out I smoked and any time someone said something about weed or drugs he'd put me on the spot in front of the entire class. Luckily he didn't give a shit so that never got me in trouble but it easily could have
  9. Yeah, those Physics Teachers lol.
    So, @[member="Hamachi12"], I'm just wondering, does your depression, anxiety and eating problems have anything to do with why you want to be stoned at school? What I mean is: do you want to be stoned at school to disassociate from what is or isn't happening at school? Look for the underlying cause of your symptoms and get some help. MMJ isn't the cure for everything.
  10. No. I'm saying that because i am assuming that in your schools rules or whatever that it doesn't allow students to come to school under the influence. If it's in their rules that you can't then you can't. You have to follow whatever dumbass rules they have when you are on their property, because it's their property and they can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want, but there are probably some exceptions. 
    You can try discussing this with the principal of the school though. Since you have a medical card and you aren't bringing it or using it as school, then they may be cool with it. So if they say no, then that means NO. I guess you could try suing them, but i doubt you'd want to go through the trouble to do that.
  11. You've been diagnosed with these conditions by a doctor already and are on meds, right? 
  12. I went to school stoned everyday, and I don't have no damn MMJ card. Why do you feel the need to announce you're stonedeness? Just smoke up, and go to school don't say anything about it. 
  13. I meant the above response for u oops lol
  14. I wouldn't go obviously blitzed out of your mind. Keep it respectful to the teacher naturally. And keep in mind schools/federal institutes are pretty harsh on any kind of drug/intoxicant. 
    *WA resident. 
    probably more than all the kids that are on prozac and ritalin.
  16. Some of you are so clueless. Yes OP you can show up high, I have many of the same conditions as you and smoke daily before college classes, if you want to learn while high it isn't hard to pay attention. The whole "you won't learn anything" argument is not based on facts.
    you might want to talk to your doc about getting off your meds, before you add mmj to the mix. 
  18. gnarley!

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