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can i leave my plants out in the rain

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by msad420, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. ok so it is supposed to rain tonight from 2 am -10am and each hour its supposed to get less than 1 mm .. temps will be about 20degrees celcius... and the sun will comeout at about 11

    my plants are all at diffrent stages

    3 weeks old

    1 week 2 days

    and 5 days

    can i leave them all outside in the rain tonight? :confused::confused:
  2. Ofc as long as the rain isnt incredibly strong or long.. If youre worried bring em in :D
  3. I would put them under some shade if you watered em recently, the 5 day old i would put under shade no matter what since its still young
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    ya the smallest seedings are in shade and in a homeade little greenhouse... the other 2 plants the 3 week old and the 1 week and abot 2 days are outside it rained a little bit but barly any at about 6 and its about 1030 here now...

    when you talked about not for a long time is 9 hours of less than 1 mm for each hour alot?

    i dont really see a reason to put seedlings in the shade though just less growth... even though youll probally menion hardning them of they do that themselves.. these seedligs were outside in no humidity dome in the sun for about 10 hours of direct sunlight for 4 days and they are showing very fast growth
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    i havent watered the 3 week old for about 5 days now... i have recetly watered all the others but 4 of the plants are completley covered from the rain the other 2 r not so the 2 that arent will get some rain in them not that much though so i think it will be okk the temps will get down to about 65 f outside at night and earlier in the morning starting to warm and eventually getting up to 75 f in the latter day
  6. well it turned out it barley rained at all.. i transplanted 2 of the seedlings to about 3 gal pots.. the other 2 seedlings are in starter cups.. i guess its an experiment...the 1 week old and a few days is also in its starter container wich is like a 3 gal .... the oldest plant i switched from a 3 gal .. to about a 10-15 gal... will i see lots of fast growth of this big upgrade?

    when i transplanted the big plant i took it out put it in the new container... and feed the big plant with 5 ml grow 2.5 ml micro and 2.5 ml bloom..mixed with 3 litres of distilledwater the ppm of that is about 360.. my first feeding was at about145 so is this to buck of ajump of ppm?

    i obv didnt use all the feeding water for the big plant around 2 cups i used to feed it
  7. I would absolutely leave them out in the rain (it's a plant and plants love rain!).

    The only time I would bring them inside is if it was storming with gail force winds or if the temps were near freezing. Otherwise let them enjoy the rain and they will grow stronger having been able to endure the natural climate.
  8. I left mine out last nite and it rained hard now they wont stand up on their own,wat shall i do?
  9. Grab a small steak and put it into the pot and secure the stem to the stick until the stem hardens. Happened to me too because of too much rain in the seedling. Now it's growing strong without the stick about 2-3 weeks later.
  10. Hi I'm in kind of the same situation, I have 2 plants growing outside NOT in pots,they got about 1-3 wks from harvest.2 days ago it started raining about 4mm for that day and today it rains again about the same amount of rain. Yesterday I noticed the 1 seems fine but the other 1 is starting to yellow from the leaf tips afte the 1st rain. Will the rain have a negative impact on my buds,should I do an early harvest or just leave them? Nb. There will be no rain for the following 2-3 days by predicted forecast.

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  11. As an outdoor grower who is constantly facing scrutiny from my peers, I can confidently say that I prefer to let rain hit my plants as opposed to covering them - at almost all stages of growth, except for delicate seedlings. That 1 - 2 week plant you have, you should probably protect if it is raining hard.

    Unless you have the greenhouse set up as basically and indoor room with humidity control and fans, greenhouses seem to trap humidity in, and are a haven for mold spores, and I have experienced seedlings damping off due to extreme humidity conditions.

    The great thing about the rain is that it makes it hard for spores to grow when the surface area is covered in water - you just got to shake them off good after the rain, and make sure the sun doesn't hit buds (when you finally get to that stage of growth) while they are soaking wet. Mold loves this.

    Now that I've vented about that, of course your plants are safe to let in the rain. As long as it doesn't come down too hard. You should be constantly aware of how hard the rain is falling and how much moisture is on the ground. The weather becomes a sense ingrained in your brain after years of growing. Love it.
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  12. I usually try to cover the stem of the plant all the way up to just below the leaves with soil as it grows for the first few weeks, kinda helps support the stem and keeps you from having to worry too much, also make sure it gets plenty of sunshine and isnt in the shade so she wont stretch on you too bad! Only other tidbit would be to make sure you have great drainage on whatever pot you are using if you don't already! Good growing!:)

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  13. I've read that covering the stem with soil also helps your plant root better as a seedling, the better the roots the better the plant!

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