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Can I Leave Lights on my plant 24/7

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by nckdaman, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Im about to plant my marijuana seed and i was wondering if its okay to leave the light on it through out the whole day. If not how long should i keep the light on it? Thanks!
  2. You can but its not recommended, the recommended veg time is 18 hours on and 6 hours off. Gives your babies time to sleep, its natural, 24 hours of light I have heard to lead towards stressing the plants in bad ways, from actually less growth to hermies or going male on you.
  3. please dont give advice if you dont know what your talking about bro... Science has proven that 24/0 for cannabis has multiple advantages and no down sides unless cost is a factor. Now saying that this is a raging debate that has gone on forever therefore I will say it is up to you. I have documented growth on each cycle and the results are constant, the ones on 24-0 are shorter and bushier (yielding about 10-20% more) 18-6 creates a taller more stretched plant which yields less, bushiness is the goal. Cannibiss is a C3 plant which means it is one of the few plants that requires no sleep during the veg process. As far as this guy saying its more natural, since when does nature use constant wind, amazing nutrients, hps lighting, etc; this is not nature my friend this is science and an art, there is hardly anything natural about indoor growing. Whichever you decide will work that is guranteed.

    P.s. never ever seen a plant go male or hermie from 24/0 it is not stressful in anyway
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  4. Thanks man ill defiantly do it this way then.
  5. Well said, David bro.:smoking:
  6. I've been using 24/0 on my plants and they look pretty spectacular :hello: Have been doing so for 3 grows now. The only time it changes is when it's time for 12/12 to flower.
  7. I do 24/0 for clones and seedlings and once they are all good to go I switch to 20/4, but the only reason I do that is to save energy and give the closet some cool down time.
  8. Recommendation for veg is 18 hours or more on. You can cheat this down a little but at that point you are reducing yield.

    I've run a side by side with an 18/6 and a 24/0. I saw no discernable benefit or change in appearance.

    The root ball on the 18/6 was a lot larger. As to whether that's beneficial or not would depend on your setup. In mine, it was not beneficial so I went and stuck with 24/0.

    If you want to save some energy or let the room have some cooldown time, 18/6 works but I would not stray below that.
  9. Hey im doing my first grow im growing dirt weed bc thats all that is over here would u grow it the same as u grow some kind lmk kk tks

    Terrible tomson
  10. right now I am growing in an AeroGarden inside and I leave the lights on it 24/7 for the veg stage.  Now when I go to the flowering I will be going to 12/12
  11. I like to give them a short sleep cycle. I run 18/6 but have been toying with the idea of going 20/4. They only time I run 24 is if I pull a clone that was in flower. Try the different light combos and see what works best for you.
  12. 24/0 is the way I do it....But for taking clones I would use 18/6
    This guy couldn't be any further from the truth.
    In my opinion plants that are in veg with non stop light grow stronger. I seen many 18/6 plants and they are weak and stringy but then again they weren't being grown by me. I will never not veg in 24/0
    I can tell this guy who I quoted has never done 24/0 or prolly even 18/6 he just wanted to chime in on something he read somewhere
    Never once had a plant go hermie on me...and btw plants go hermie when they are budding not vegging lol
    Dirt weed is only dirt weed because it was grown poorly. Most likely it was some brick weed smuggled by the cartels that grow crap stuff outside all over the place by the border. You can take any seed and turn it into good pot
  16. Can female plant grow male stamen's during veg? I thought hermaphrodite flowers only show up late in bloom?Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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