Can I keep my germinated seeds in the dark 'til they sprout?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Greenish, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. I finally got some seeds to germinate using the paper towel method. I carefully planted them in little pots with soil, and am keeping them in an aquarium with a heated propagation mat under it (for humidity & warmth). The set up is in a dark area of the house.

    Is it okay to keep the pots in the dark until I see a sprout breaking the surface of the soil? Or, should I move the pots into the sun during the day?
  2. No you don't have to move them into the sun, leave them where they are thats fine for now just check up on them like twice a day until they sprout then you have to move them. good luck on your grow man
  3. Until they appear above the surface it makes no difference if they are in light or not. But as soon as a sprout appears, give it light.
  4. Okay, thanks a lot guys.

    I know some seeds are stimulated by the little bit of sunshine they sense coming down from above, but if cannabis isn't like that, I'll keep them warm & snuggley 'til the break the surface.
  5. I was just wondering how many times you have answered this question for the people who don't read the stickies cantharis?

    Just kidding - obviously you don't mind lol...

    Grins and smiles :)
  6. I've read the stickies.

    Thanks. I've got three up and enjoying the sun now, and two more germinated today and just got potted up. They're in the empty tank until they break the surface. Woo!

    Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for girls!
  7. Comes with the territory of being an experienced grower on GC. At least most of the people who ask this actually have a grow going. Peace to all.
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    Answering the same questions over and over can lead to some frustration, but then again that is what comes with the territory for trolling the Absolute Beginners section. Gluttons for punishment perhaps?

    To Greenish: while the germing seeds don't need light while in the soil, many (including myself) like to put light on them anyway because 1) it provides a bit of warmth, which can speed up germination and sprouting, and 2) that way the seedling is getting light the moment it pops through the soil, not when I happen to get around to checking it.
  9. OK OK you have read the stickies - no offense intended.
    Not how i roll - peace

    Grins and smiles :eek:
  10. hi there I am completely new to this and don't have a Scooby what I'm doing my father in law is dying from cancer and my wife asked me to grow some after hearing about the benefits of weed so fair enough went online bought a couple of seeds and put them in a cup of water they have now started to root so do I put them in a pot or leave them so the root frows abit longer and what sort of set up do I need regarding bulbs can I just place a pot under a LED bulb and hope for the best or do I need something abit more sophisticated your advice would be greatly appreciated and regarding the setup money is pretty tight so please bare that in mind


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