Can I hit 1lb? W/pics

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  1. So I just ordered a new 4 x 4 tent with a 1000 W HPS light. Inside the plant tent there are currently 11 plants. The strains go as follow

    4- blackcherry creme x buckeye purple-from seed/non fem

    1-tangi -clone

    3 jack herer - clones

    3 animal cookies -clones

    So majority of the plants are clones and four are from seed so I will end up with a total of anywhere between 8 to 11 plants depending on the sex of the four black cherries

    I am using roots organic as my medium and a 4 gallon pots
    Nutrients are Foxfarm dirty dozen Cal mag and molasses
    PH'd water
    4 x 4 tent 1000 W HPS several oscillating fans

    Currently all plants are between 12 to 16 inches tall
    The four black cherries from seed have been vegging between four and five weeks

    I know that there is no way for anyone to determine my yield but I am trying to reach a goal of 1 pound and my biggest question is how much longer I would need to veg these plants for to reach that goal of 1 pound with my current growing conditions at best

    I will include a picture of the girls in the tent as of this morning any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated

    Again my biggest question is I have no clue when to flip! Help:)[​IMG]

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  2. You'll be close...your plants aren't huge but they're not tiny either. You might run into some crowding issues bc that is a lot of plants in decent sized containers in a fairly small space. I would start flowering right away.

    Put the tallest plants around the perimeter...and the shortest ones right under the light...this way the growth and canopy will start to even out ;)

    Plants look healthy tho, so you have a good start..

    What is that butterfly thing? :p
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  3. flip when the plants are 1/3of you total plant height

    so if you say had only 3ft where ya pkabts could be then you woukd flower arondt the 1ft mark as they can tripple in size afyer flipa bit of LST training will help maintain an even canopy and allow you to completely fill the 4x4 space also lst will give you a bit more room height wise. with 11 plabts your wanting 1.5oz off each. should be easy. and with a 1000w even better i got 10z off a 250w so 36oz off a 1000w is doable you only want 16.5 ish

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  4. A few more weeks I guess. I'd lower the light so they don't stretch. And maybe get some tomato cage ring things to try and keep them from bushing out sideways. It a ton of plants tho so I couldn't really say I guess lol I woulda done like 4 maybe 5
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  5. Hang on

    10z off a 250w hps. Over a gram a watt using a small hps ?

    How ?
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  6. You don't need 11 plants to harvest a pound in a 4x4 area. I harvest over a pound in the same space with only 2 plants and only a 5 week veg. It's going to get crowded. Good luck.
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  7. If you have vegging space, hold back your 3-4 smallest plants....and flower the rest.

    As a rule of thumb, I try to never have my plants touching...bc they won't grow to their full potential when you mash them together :smoking:
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  8. autoxtreme by dutch passion 250w 85ish days. [​IMG]

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  10. after reading through all of the replies and looking at my tent some more I think I'm going to take your advice and pull three plants out.... I currently have a 3 x 3 tent a 2 x 4 tent and a 2 x 2 tent in addition to my 4 x 4 tent along with that I have about 1700 additional watts of light I could use...
    So basically I'm able to a rearrange things as needed:)
    Starting to think I can hit the 1 pound mark with less than the 11 plants and that less would be to my benefit as all 11 May end up shade in each other other out..

    So if I were to stick with that between six and eight plants total what would you recommend as far as additional veg time to reach the 1 pound goal from where they are currently at which is about 12 to 16 inches?

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  11. I want to thank everyone for the fast reply's.. this is all so very helpful to me.. I appreciate and will take all the advice I can get and will continue to post updates:)

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  12. Fire that shit up ;)

    I would start blooming if I was you.

    Take out the 3-4 smallest plants...

    Then on the remaining girls...tie down the largest branches so they're held sideways. You can do this with simple string....or if you have bamboo stakes, use those - that's what I do & I use this velcro tape to secure them


    How tall is your tent? And how far away from the light are your plants right now? :smoking:
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  13. They are big buds tbf. But that aint the norm. A gram a watt on hps is bloody difficult to do. I average about just over 0.5g a watt when i grow with a 400w hps.
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  14. Yeah, but you aren't @loki25 . He grows some of the biggest and nicest plants I have seen.

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  15. As a beginner you shouldn't worry so much about your should worry far more about growing beautiful plants.

    And that means making sure your temps/humidity are spot on, supplying an abundant amount of fresh air (CO2) to the plants. Also training your plants in veg & supporting them in mid-late bloom is imperative to maximizing your yields. Let your plants come to full maturation too...many novice growers lose out on weight bc they chop their plants a week or two early because they just couldn't muster the patience.

    Good yields when come when you focus on the basics ;)

    Get your plants spaced out like this..


    Since you're growing in a tent w/ a 1000w light...moving forward you should really put effort into learning how to train (LST) your plants and keep them low. Because you're going to want to master the 1 or 2 plant grow in that tent...once you get a clone you really like.

    This is 2 clones (at the beginning of bloom) under 2000w in a 10 x 5 grow tent, in 25 gallon pots. I got a little over 1.5 pounds off each plant :D

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  16. totally but learn the science of lst not just tieing her down any which way learn the science and why it manipulates plants youll get huge plant

    tbis one is 1 plant topped and tied in about 4 maybe 5 places [​IMG]

    and this one i just topped once and tied but would cut the tie once it was level with the others creating a even canopy [​IMG]

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  17. Ahh that makes sense the dutch passion autoextreme and think different auto strains are massive yeilders.

    Iv never grown autos but have a few mates who have ran the think differents strain.

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