Can i have some eggs with that bacon piggy?

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  1. whats up blades, this literally happened last night and amazingly i remember i go chill with my friends at "p's house" i play like 10 games of beer pong...FUCK were out of beer so we call up to get another packy buy a 30 of busch light like always (MY FAVORITE CHEAP BEER - $15 a 30) anyways we go to my friend "F"s house and this hot bitch smokes us up with like 3 bowls of the usual headies...meanwhile ive drank close to 16 beers so im gettin there.. all of my friends leave and im shitfaced and im just chillin with "F" and he says lets go ride my dirtbikes downtown and get a pack of bogies...i grab a beer for the road...only 18 by the way we head downtown going through the woods dark as fuck awesome ride by the way going 55 on a dirtbike on the roads adrenaline rush like no other hide the bikes in an apartment complex head toward downtown meanwhile i have 2 bottle caps from some bud lights my friend had..we start walking to Cumbys and we're like about 200 feet from the gas station..look behind me a cop is following us and its 2 am i look at my friend and go I SMELL BACON!! we keep walking...cop parks her car..starts walking towards us and says hey guys wait like hey officer how are you doing tonight? shes like im fine what are you guys up to...YOU GUYS REEK OF BEER and im like yea well i had a few nothing harmful we didnt drive and shes like ok well whats the plan...oh were just gonna get a pack of boges and head to my friends and shes like well can i see some id please? i was like yea sure and we both give the ids honestly i can not believe i talked to these officers SHITFACED i couldnt even pronounce my last name she asked me 3 times what is it? cause she was a new cop and didnt know me lol says on the radio we have two underage teens drunk downtown need a superior officer or somethin like that...the lietnant comes and says hey "d" im like hey lt o conner how have you been and hes like well we know ur drunk "d" and "f" can we search you to see if u have anything on you and well let u go if ur clean and i was like ok...(bottle caps in pocket) funny part right here hes like just take everything out of ur pockets so i did except the caps..he feels my pocket..hears the two cling together and says thats just change LOL...OK your free to go to your party or wherever your going just stay safe guys and have a good one..went to get a pack of boges drove his dirtbikes back to his house MORE BEER! lol good ending as always
  2. nice haha wish i could talk to cops when im that gone... in the future though, please use paragraphs :D
  3. Lol you went to PeeWee's Playhouse??
  4. am i the only one who doesnt belive any of the shit this guy posts
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    Just for the record Hoast, I don't really see the point of writing BS on this site to earn the respect of blades that I will never ever meet in my like writing fake stories on this site like cool? because I don't think so..OMG! I got +Rep, I'm fuckin' sweet. Sorry not into that pathelogical liar shit bro so stop flaming, you can believe me or not it's obviously your choice; but I don't sling BS man..

    *BTW this is a good reason why I don't like half the city..people just flame, flame, seriously who it and choose to believe it or not and write something positive or nothing at all
  6. I sit in the middle of the fence, not paritcularly with you but there are some stories I belive people make up..
  7. this is the future. i should have a magnetic wristwatch device that makes all the coins that appear to be normal change in my pocket to align, forming an electromagnetic change-pipe, that i can demagnetize at the touch of a button.

    i wish i could sleep
  8. Holy shit!

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