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Can i have been sold MALE marijuana?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GumDispenser, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I bought some big buds from my dealer earlier and I noticed that there seems to be male parts instead of pistils on the stem base of the buds.

    Yet the rest looks exactly like a normal bud. Is it possible that it's male, or do males never create buds?
  2. you got dick bud?
  3. males create buds i think, but they would have hardly any trichomes on them and would be very leafy. pics would help
  4. Males don't bud. They have pollen sacs. They're pretty easily distinguishable. If it looks like, bud, smells like bud, tastes like bud and gets you high, it's probably bud. We call that Occam's Razor.
  5. No males do not make bud.
    Its possible you got some hermi bud, if there are seeds in it, and it has something that looks like male parts keep the seeds cause they are most likely feminized.

    Otherwise you just got some normal ganja. if you really want post pics. i reccomend you smoke it instead.
  6. No males do not have bud. It's only balls and shit. Hermies maybe have bud.
  7. It's not male, it's a hermaphrodite. Males do not form buds but if there are male flowers on a bud it's from a herm.
  8. sounds to me like a hermie were there a bunch of dried up bannana lookin things on there?
  9. yes yes bana things male balls.

    i found 1 seed so far... coool coooool fem seed
  10. HAhaha how do you get a fem seed from hermie bud? :D
  11. That seed will probably be a herm. If you pollinate other females with a herm you'll get female seeds; self pollinated seeds tend to be hermaphrodites.
  12. my friend was growing a hermie (more female) that sounds like what you described, it was actually pretty good bud
  13. noob question , female buds have seeds?
    it will make me (heathly speaking) any worse smoking herm than smoking female?

    sry if it didnt make sense , english is not my first language
  14. Seeds come from female flowers that get pollinated.

    Herms are no worse for you, they just tend to have seeds because they have male and female flowers.
  15. allright , thanks mate
  16. come on man, no need to be mean about it, guy didn't know so why not help him out unstead of just upping your post count.

    But i would suggest (if you grow)to pollinate some females with that seed and have a good amount of fem seeds for cheap.

  17. Yeah I didnt know. I'm a long time smoker, n00b grower. So only recently did I learn the difference between male and female plants.. heck I didnt even know male plants were worthless to smoke.

    Of course, I realize that by finding a seed, I just negated the possibility that my weed is male :p or at least, that all of it is male.

    I will grow that seed on 12/12 right away to catch up with my other plants and then pollinate one female.

    EDIT : Also since I have only found 1 seed so far, I think the herm herb I got is still quite potent as most of it was un-pollinated.
  18. that made me lol in real life for some reason.

    but yea best of luck to the grow man.
  19. IF it was male there would be no seeds.

    Potency is not affected by pollination 90% of the time.

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