Can I have any fans turn off at night

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  1. i have a 6" extractor, 5" for inline and two clip on fans in the tent on 24/7.
    I was wondering If I could have any or all of these on a timer to turn off with the light?
  2. Sure but your air exchange will not be running so no replenishing of c02 or 02. Which they will need but as far as I am aware plants will close their stomata after they are saturated with c02. It should be ok for a few hours but it will effect your yields but probably not by much. So in short......I don't see why not as long as they have some form of air blowing over them like a small quiet desk fan.

    Alternatively you could smoke a fat bowl before bed and wear earplugs.

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  3. I was just reading through some articles on And funny you should say because I was just reading that they close their stomata at night and don't use co2 at night.
    So got me thinking I could turn off the inline and extractor when the light is off as there would not be a need to to replace co2 during the night? Maybe I've misunderstood :/. I don't want to affect yhe yeild in anyway!

    Not only the sleeping but would reduce cost if could turn off half the day.. Nothing works, it's too fucking noisy!
  4. I would say do what you feel is right. I sleep like a log so I have no issues with my noises but as our earlier conversation states I had to custom silence with acoustic underlay for my wife's sanity. I would ask this question to Google and see how many others have done this as I am not 100% on effects on yield but someone will have the answer for you bro. Happy hunting.

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  5. Yeah I've been looking around. I was hoping I'd find some who do or don't and tell me what if any negative affects.

    I tried the underlay idea. I could not for the life of me make it work. With the hanging and the way line is duct. I'm gonna try make a box still maybe. But other than that I've spend loads on stuff trying to quiet. I'll just wait a while till I got the money for a powerful and quiet fan, if they exist..
  6. If you are having issues with the underlay try wrapping bubble wrap round the inline and then wrap it in like 4-5 layers of underlay might work. As for keeping the ducting in a straight line. As long as you soundproof the inside of the ducting as well as the outside it should still work. I would download "physics suite" app for your phone and go to the sound meter. It will give you your db in the room. That way you can keep track of it's working or not. If that is all too much work for you then yes there are quieter fans which are dimmable so you can control the airflow to chill the noise. Look into dimmable fans. They are not so expensive some of them. Good luck man.

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  7. By an oversized fan and a speed controller. A larger fan ran at half speed is usually much quiter then a small fan ran at full blast. If you run a filter make sure to get 1 that can handle the larger fan. That way you have the option of turning up the fan if the need ever arises or if the speed controller is accidentally turned up
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    I have every fan except for the extractor fan which is carbon filtered on a timer. You should leave the extractor fan on all the time if you ask me so your house doesn't smell like you're smoking one after the other. But, that's all personal preference.

    First grow using cfls.

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