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Can i harvest the same plant more than once?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by donkey12, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. How do i harvest a plant with out killing so i can veg it again? Is it possible any good tips or links?
  2. when it comes time to harvest just prune the biggest buds off..avoid cutting the main stalk...leave as much vagetation on and revert the plant back to your normal veg light period...start back with your grow nutes..it can work but your plant will not grow very vigoriously...your best bet is cloning your bst female
  3. so you dont think its worth the trouble?
  4. if your going indoor then just do as our friend suggested

    if ur going outdoor then cut the large budds off and leave all braches half cut

    then move the female plant to a very sunny area and she will revert to vegging

    the old budds will rot off and the female plant will go into budding untill

    the suns hours changes over

    hope it was a help budd
    keep it kuu
  5. No it's probably not worth the trouble. It can take a while to reveg a plant. The only reason I can see doing this would be if you hadn't taken clones and found a rare pheno that you just had to keep. By leaving some smaller popcorn buds and lower leaves you'd be able to reveg and then take clones from that plant to keep the genetics going.

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